Guy Joseph against excess tax increases

Guy Joseph against excess tax increases
Guy Joseph.
Guy Joseph.

Castries South-East Member of Parliament Guy Joseph has accused government for causing severe hardship to many Saint Lucians and said this is mainly due to the steady increase in taxes.

Joseph made this statement at a press conference yesterday. The UWP politician said the implementation of new taxes will only create more chaos in an already troubling economy.

Joseph pointed to the new tariffs, which will come into effect soon at the Customs and Excise Department. The price of certain goods will be increased in some instances by up to 7 per cent.

“Who is catering for the average St Lucian out there, while this government goes about their merry way increasing everything they possibly can,” Joseph questioned?

Joseph said locals not only have to endure a 15 per cent VAT , but a new tariff implementation. This he said will have a negative impact on citizens’ island wide and is a major cause of concern.

The UWP MP also pointed to the high fuel prices, as one of the other issue affecting Saint Lucians.

He recalled when the UWP was in government, fuel was US$147 per barrel and the price for fuel at the pumps was only EC$12.75.

Joseph said there is no longer subsidies for fuel and the changes in fuel prices internationally are not reflected in St. Lucia.

He believes that the three months system of implementing fuel prices is of no benefit to locals.

“Why did they move the fuel pass through from every month to every three months?” he questioned.

He said during the last time fuel had gone down from US$107 to about US$80 per barrel, when the last review pass through mechanism was implemented.

“Why is no relief being brought to the various business sectors in Saint Lucia, as far as the price of fuel is concerned?” he further questioned.

Joseph reminded that the next price adjustment is slated for January of 2015 and said all of this time the government will be collecting excessive revenue.

“Who is bringing relief to the commuters, the minibus sector particularly, which is slated to increase their prices in January?” he added.

He suggested that government should look into reducing the price now and asked that particular sector based on the reduction, to hold on the implementation of a new bus fare increase.

Joseph said parents are also struggling, after the cut back in the school transport subsidy and a general increase will cause more difficulties.

“Government is behaving as if nothing is happening in this country, because their salaries are guaranteed at the end of every month,” he added.


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  1. ok,so we know the ministers r liars n cheats.we keep votin for them time n again,wat does dat say abt us???
    if we r to move them,can we get individuals who r able to govern our island fairly???


  2. You see how guy has made Kenny Anthony look like a fool.
    I dare him move on to charge guy joseph. Guy as far as I am concern has the upper hand on him.


  3. when we continue to see things through red or yellow tinted lenses the politicians win every time. If it is true that the govt changed the frequency of the pass through mechanism, by the way who thought of such a horrible name,from one to three months then something is wrong and govt is simply collecting money that we can have in our pockets. It's really hard for people to be impartial in St.lucia


  4. Ppl voice, since u have these yrs u should as well continue wit the rest of D yrs.dont stop,2013, 2014. U all are so fast to reply when yellow talk, it seems when red fart, you all say sorry for them. (


  5. When will you politicians realize that we lucians cannot be fooled any more. Information are at our finger tips Mr. Joseph. Give all the facts about oil prices when you was in power. Well here it is-

    highest price 2008- July - US$145.08
    Lowest price 2008-December - US$37.71
    highest price 2009- October - US$80.5
    Lowest price 2009-January - US$36.51
    highest price 2010- December - US$91.38
    Lowest price 2010-December - US$70.04
    highest price 2011- October - US$113.93
    Lowest price 2011-January - US$82.96
    highest price 2012- June - US$109.77
    Lowest price 2012-February - US$83.23

    Did you past on any meaning benefits to the people when it was at its lowest Mr. Joseph? you all politicians are just sick and dishonest.


    • Maybe in all your haste to list so many figures you forgot to mention that the price we paid at the pump for a gallon of unleaded never exceeded EC$13 (even in July '08). Now that the price is lower how much are we paying? I'm pretty sure it ain't 13 bucks....Petro Caribe my ass. All a bunch of ploys to mislead hardworking citizens and St.Lucians keep seeing nothing more than party colours. Time to get past this nonsense and put both political parties firmly in their place over all the deception and false promises they keep throwing about the place.


    • Get rid of all the damn ignorant country bookies first. Only then we will ever begin to see any improvement in this country. Otherwise we are condemning ourselves to a future of maids and bellhops. Kenny loves it and can see no other future. Ti Chas if people vote him in, will give incentives no end to get visitors into hotels. Ask yourself, where is his family business now?

      What the hell is someone with just only the talent of a blasted bus driver doing in government as a minister today? What has he added to good governance when he was in government last time? Only jackasses and the retarded would find any good reason whatsoever to vote for our continuing blasted idiocy. We are such a nation of godforsaken buffoons and fools!


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