Gunshot victim re-admitted to hospital, hours after being sent home

Gunshot victim re-admitted to hospital, hours after being sent home

capture-20150808-104117A young man who was shot in the head on Thursday in Castries was rushed back to hospital yesterday afternoon – several hours after he was sent home.

Nicholas William, 20, of Morne Du Don, Castries sustained gunshot wounds to the back of the head in Bois Patat on Thursday, shortly after 10 p.m. Two other males who were in his company escaped injuries when they fled as the shots were being fired.

Nicholas was admitted to Victoria Hospital in serious but stable condition, though a police press release indicated that his condition was “critical”.

His sister, Shala William, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Saturday that her brother was treated and discharged  around mid-morning Friday, less than 12 hours after he was shot. He did an x-ray before he was released, she said.

“The nurse said there is nothing they can do. We were given a list of the symptoms of head trauma and what to expect…. They said the bullet is out, it was under the skin,” Shala said.

The hospital also advised the family to return Nicholas to the hospital if his condition worsens.

And that’s exactly what they did Friday afternoon at about 5:30 p.m. – about five hours after his release – when his health deteriorated.

“He was in a lot of pain, he was throwing up and his eyes were turning over. He said he couldn’t take it anymore, to bring him back. He is now admitted and is on drips,” the sister said.

Relatives are now awaiting the results of a CT scan that was done on Nicholas at about 9 pm. Friday at Tapion Hospital. The CT scan will show if William has any underlying issues in the brain, particularly bleeding and swelling.

His family is concerned that a CT scan was not ordered when he was first admitted. They’re always concerned that Victoria Hospital, the main public hospital in St. Lucia, is yet to have its own CT scan machine.

Meanwhile, in regards to the shooting incident, the family believes Nicholas was an innocent victim.

Shala said her brother, who is unemployed, was not involved in any gangs or criminal activity, and may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“He is always up and down, up and down… If they wanted to do something before they would have done it,” she noted.

On the night of the shooting, Nicholas was reportedly listening to music on his headphones, under a tree, when gunmen fired several shots in his direction. The perpetrators carried out the attack from the back of the victims.

While two other males ran after the shots were fired, Nicholas didn’t, because according to his sister, he didn’t hear anything.

Nicholas fell after being shot in the head. He sustained bruises to his face as a result of the fall.

That shooting occurred just over an hour after gunmen opened fire on two young males in nearby Blackstars. One of the victims, Curtis Charlery, 18, of Morne Du Don died, while he other, Armani Paul, was admitted in critical condition.

The William family believes the perpetrators of the Blackstars shooting were the same trigger men in Nicholas’s incident.

They believe Nicholas and the other men were attacked because they were located along the possible escape route of the gunmen.

Police have not formally arrested anyone for either shooting incidents.


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  1. It doesn't matter anymore all we know is that we have our $200,000,000 to construct our 4 lane highway to Gros Islet. Construction will be booming and we will be able to boast 200 people working, plus pay our guy his millions with some left over for us, just in time for elections. You think St. Lucians know what going on? Them people don't even care about themselves or if their children dying like dogs in the streets of Castries. Once it doh reach Cap Estate or Bonneterre. Doh mind them they will all have lots of chicken and rum to forget about their lost children as soon as the campaign starts. They will forget everything about Victoria not having a CT scan or why we haven't opened the national hospital or Judes while Soufriere one is just a building with nurses. Meanwhile we will just stall the process by closing the Court House and the Forensic Lab. Who in jail stay there and who out, out.


  2. If the Victoria hospital have CT scan it will put taption hospital out of business conspiracy thing to make money to have private hospital to survive


  3. Why is it that a nurse will a patient that there is nothing they can do? Where are the doctor's in the hospital I swear it's like a zoo at that Victoria Hospital. There are no good doctors in that place u might as well sigh your death warrant
    Somebody who have been shot in the head should be kept in the hospital in ICU for treatment and any change in his status. That's crap. Incompetent nurses shame on them, you are call to serve your people.


  4. 2 shots to the head & they still missed what they wanted to do like Shaq @ the free throw.smh Maybe it was a homemade lmao rofl.


  5. i swear our legal and medical system in st.lucia is a joke.......this is what the emphasis should be on...but they spending money on all other things.....sigh its so embarrassing


  6. Bow...... Your comments are valid, without emphasis there is no help, if the government knows about the problems, they can put measures in place to eradicate these from happening, where are all the guns coming from, how these people get a gun without a license being registered? You telling me that government should sit on their ass and let innocent people die for the sake of wrong doing, I'm not asking the government to do all, but the country has a major problem with guns, don't you understand what's going on in the country, many years ago when Sir John had asked the police to shoot to kill!!!!!!! What did st Lucian's said about this? Do you think it is right for someone to walk to your family and slain them like animals, you are one of those persons that the government held hands to feed now you biting on the people for the government, it's the truth, they don't care about the people in the country, all they concern about is the vote to sit and Swing in the Big chair, they have to get to the bottom of the issue and deal with it, why would people have fear going out of their home, can't do the things that once in a lifetime was done,even school children don't want to go to school. that's a shame on the country for just a handful of idiots siding with the government.


  7. Oh my god, what the heck going on in St. Lucia? Victoria hospital is a butcher-house, I'm fearful of that place. Lord Jesus, why don't they have a CT scan? They spend lots of money on unnecessary Sh***t, but they can't improve the health care system??? I want to move back home but scared like HELL....all this killing going on and the police is not equipped to catch those murders, that crazy!


  8. Can someone please tell his sister it's IV and not drips................Intravenous therapy (IV therapy or iv therapy in short) is the infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein. Intravenous simply means "within vein". Therapies administered intravenously are often called specialty pharmaceuticals. It is commonly referred to as a drip because many systems of administration employ a drip chamber, which prevents air from entering the blood stream (air embolism), and allows an estimation of flow rate.

    Intravenous therapy may be used to correct electrolyte imbalances, to deliver medications, for blood transfusion or as fluid replacement to correct, for example, dehydration. Intravenous therapy can also be used for chemotherapy.


  9. Shot in the escape route of the gunmen 1 hour later of the first shooting? St Lucia that big?

    So they said he was innocent and in the wrong place at the wrong time; then mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins, nenens all family members please speak to the youth and know their friends, their hangouts and try to turn them from bad company. Help them use their time more positively.

    It's sad for someone to go through this, innocent or not. Hope he pulls through, learns from this and makes something of himself.

    As for the perps, please think about your actions and what this is doing to our nation. We don't need this in St Lucia. Develop some positive and useful skills which will help the country; you guys are talented too. Drop the guns, anger, hate and find the good in you and help your fellow citizens not wipe them out. Peace and love.


  10. Aka.... what does the government have to do with this shooting? What could the government have done to prevent this shooting? Why are you blaming the government for this shooting? You know what the problem is with people like you, you depend on the government for everything....they should give you a job, they should stop people from committing suicide, they should prevent kids from loitering in town after school, they should prevent your house from burning down,they should buy you your school books what else? All these are your personal responsibility. Come on St lucian,get off your asses and stand up and be responsible for your lives and stop blaming the government. We need to be more involved in our kids lives, encourage them to play sports, learn to play a musical instrument , join a youth group,etc instead of sitting on the block smoking weed. Why don't you hear young women killing each other like that? We all know the answer to that question!


  11. All Lucian's living in the country now, are idiots,they are the ones who votesd for the government, they are foiled with food and rum,so when they are drunk that's when they vote for Garbage!!!!!, it's time St Lucia people wake up


  12. The government can pump millions dollars into carnival,jazz festival, the tourist industry. But to get the finances to perchase a CT scanner to help the people of this country.this is where the priority of the government is.


    • Very true! Their priorities are back-ward......the hospital/doctors don't care to save lives anymore it's all about making money. The Victoria is like you check in and don't check out.


  13. You mean Victoria Hospital don't have a CT scan unit? can't believe that. We open Embassies every where but not a penny for the essentials. That's not only a shame but dangerous. # 1, fire the Minister of health. # 2, reprimand the Doctor for too early a release. This mickey mouse way of doing business in St.Lucia must stop.


  14. R u kiddin me, y is slu actin like they're a third world country? Y would any doctor in their right mind send a head gun shot patient home the next day. The family need to sue the hospital. That is pure non sense


    • You ask a good question.....There are no doctors in St.Lucia they are all butchers Victoria,St.Judes, Soufriere, Dennery and Tapion are all the same,I would not go there if i break my pinky finger. My goodness we are in 2015 and the hospitals are worse than when my mother was born in 1955. A bullet to the back of the head and they tell you nothing is wrong go home if you feel like crap come back mew mem zot pwe a sa a very sad situation.


    • A buddy of mine was sent hom a few hours later when a plain clothe officer shot him in his leg and at no point ever introducing himself


  15. Guns are not toys. You press the trigger of a loaded gun in someone's direction and the result can be fatal. Anyone with enough strength to pull the trigger can kill. If you own a gun, you are likely to become a murderer. When emotions overcome and you will head for the gun if you own one. The gun gives a sense of security and power which can turn out to be false. Only those who can control their emotions, and reason before they act should own a gun only for self defense. Killers must be apprehended, so they can face the consequences of their actions otherwise they will kill again.


  16. You know the bright light you see just before you DIE?...That bright light is Victoria Light.These ppl who run that hospistal are a JOKE.You'll get a "few" good nurses but other than that,just by going there your life is at risk.


  17. This is crap; the hospital should have done the CT scan before sending this young man home. They should have checked every possibilities and then make that decision. Far too many times these medical persons send patients home to their untimely death. It is time the health establishments are sued for malpractice.


  18. Well now they know don't lime you all young boys stay at you all parents home and take a book do some gardening or cleaning surprise you all parents by cleaning the house it might save your life, even if they say you all is pussy for findings reasons not to lime on the road, ask yourself how many of them still alive that like block they all have a story as to why they escaped death, iam not saying you all should be afraid to walk anywhere but precaution is better than cure cause apparently if you are thought to be associated with a gang your life means nothing coming from alvina renoylds speech some time ago


  19. Instead we give words of strength to the affected families, we r there putting each other down n stressing the family members out more. This is a time when we need one another. Let's go down on our knees and pray for one another. Some of u talk so much crap on here, its ridiculous. If y'all know so much of what went down y don't y'all bring the perpetrators to justice n help stop all this crime??? FATHER PUT A HAND, IF NOT PUT A TOE, BUT LORD PLZ PUT SOMETHING IN THIS DEPLORABLE ECONOMIC SITUATION WE FACE HERE IN OUR ONCE SWEET ST. LUCIA!!!






  21. Some of you Lucians are so quick to talk crap, from time you'll hear the news about shootings and so on , you'll quick to say that the victim is a criminal or he do this already or that. You'll know everything. If you'all have so much information , you'll should have gone to the police. Most times these victims have no criminal record and yet still , some of you'll good for nothing people have so much shit to talk. when your mother will be a victim of a stray bullet, I hope u say the same thing


    • The same way its easy to say all police are crooks when there are good one who happen to have co workers who are bad eggs. The same way we consider this young man to be a vieuxneg by virtue of him being caught in the gunfire along with the other scoundrels. I eh care with what yall say beau chu mwen cuz you all too disgusting kill all of them