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Gunmen take Renwick’s Chocolisto sales van during robbery

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Two employees of Renwick & Company Ltd. were reportedly held at gunpoint in Jacmel on Monday afternoon (Nov. 12) and robbed of the company’s vehicle, according to reports.

The employees were unharmed.

According to a social media bulletin, the company’s Chocolisto sales van was taken during the robbery.

“Our team [members] are safe however the van was taken from them and the tracker has already been deactivated. We would appreciate it if anyone seeing our Chocolisto van PE9785 would let us know location of sighting. We would also appreciate it if you would spread the word through social media,” the bulletin states.

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  1. The incident did happen in the Bois Den Jacmel area. In this case it is true. The shop owner where the van was parked can testify to it. Also the tracker was never deactivated, that info was not right. The van was already found because they were able to track it.

  2. WTF this did not happen in Jacmel get your fact straight, this is the fourth or fifth time this news medium is reporting a matter at Jacmel and it's not the case. Ask the people where the said incident happened

  3. how they know there was a tracker

  4. At least there should be a description of the bandits. How did they know how to did arm the tracker. Did they rob the staff. Lots of questions there to answer.

  5. Inside Job!!! Choops!!!


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