Gunmen rob sports bar of Red Bull, cash and cigarettes

Gunmen rob sports bar of Red Bull, cash and cigarettes

Gunmen escaped with over $700 worth of stocks and three cell phones from Rod’s Sports Bar at Old Victoria Road, Castries on Saturday, July 26.

Rod Alexander, owner of the bar, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today, July 28 that the masked men entered his shop with long guns at about 1 a.m and robbed his two cousins, who were attending to the shop during his absence.

The disturbed shop owner said the men took all of his hot drinks, Red Bull, cigarettes and $80 in cash.

“This is the first time anything like this has happened. I have been in business for over 20 years and nothing like this happened before,” Alexander explained.

“We have made reports to the Criminal Investigation Unit (CID) but because of lack of evidence and because we cannot identify the men, nothing came out of the report,” Alexander told SNO.

Alexander further stated: ” I don’t feel safe. I am not sure if they wanted to rob my shop or they were after me. I have to watch my back from now on.”

He further explained that persons around the neighborhood recalled seeing a gold van parked in the area without a number plate hours before the robbery.


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  1. Y is u they want to rob u working 4 every thing u have u don't steal form no body dats is so stupid dem things have to stop gasa urll can do da same work fast cash is not all we all are humans stop hurting each other ppl is not nice


  2. what st.lucia is coming to .so much criminal activities.the police need to take control before this criminals does.


  3. This is where local community can help, keeping an eye out for each other and being vigilant.

    More so I would like to see a traffic unit set up which would stop and search drivers without plates etc


  4. This is quite disturbing. I wonder how far off from that $700 figure was really taken? Was it even worth it, the way money goes so quickly. Would they even get that much for what was taken?

    Just to cause mental trauma to persons and possibly tarnish their own name if they had got caught. I sure hope they main target wasn't the owner. What a sad state of affairs we face these days. Desperation? Or plain stupidity mixed with a heavy serving of laziness.


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