Gunman upset by divorce shoots at wife; kills parents

Gunman upset by divorce shoots at wife; kills parents

(USA TODAY) – A Pennsylvania man apparently upset over his divorce shot at his ex-wife, gunned down his parents and led police on a massive air and ground pursuit before being found dead in his minivan, authorities said Thursday.

“The manhunt is over, the suspect is dead,” said Tom Hogan, district attorney in the Philadelphia suburb of Chester County.

Hogan said Bruce Rogal, 59, was apparently angered he received the order finalizing the divorce and awarding his wife the couple’s home. Rogal drove to the home and fired six shots as she ducked for cover behind her car, Hogan said.

Rogal then drove to a nearby retirement community where his parents live, fatally shooting both of them, Hogan said. The manhunt was underway.

“He led the police on a chase, State Police then were joined by SWAT team members,” Hogan said.

Officers spotted Rogal’s minivan about 1 a.m. ET, and the chase was on.

“The defendant actually drove back to the house where his ex-wife was, luckily she had cleared out,” Hogan said. “He drove back to the neighborhood and crashed his vehicle into the side of the house. When police made contact with him, he was already deceased.”

Police said that at some point an exchange of gunfire took place, but it was not immediately revealed how Rogal died.

“This morning in Chester County everything can go back to normal,” Hogan said.


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