‘Gunman In She H*le’ poised to take over music scene – Trinidad artiste to capitalise on song’s social-media buzz

‘Gunman In She H*le’ poised to take over music scene – Trinidad artiste to capitalise on song’s social-media buzz

(JAMAICA STAR) —  “Gunman inna your h*le, me know you like that” is the line from Alkaline’s song How Yuh Feel that inspired the track currently igniting social media and the dancehall scene.

After going viral over the weekend with a flurry of social-media challenges, Gunman in She H*le, by entertainer Trinidad Killa, is poised to become a hit not only in Jamaica but the entire region.

Speaking with THE STAR, 32-year-old Trinidad Killa expressed that the moment he saw the song gaining traction in Jamaica, he knew it was about to take off. “Once Jamaica start to play your music, yuh gone clear, because Jamaica really does carry that buzz. I didn’t know the song was so big over there but because of that attention, I been getting calls from all over the world from people asking for the song. That kind of feedback, knowing that the song is making waves, really feels good,” he said.

Trinidad Killa says he believes the song is resonating with people because he’s ‘spitting facts’. He says it is no secret that women love ‘bad boys’ and desire to be with them.

“The song is reality, women like gunmen. Sometimes a gal might have a man that stay home and does treat her real good, but she still have a man in the streets because he gangsta and have a thuggish way about him. I sing about what’s going on, realness. That’s why real people does love this song, it’s a monster,” he added.

Speaking of the ‘monster’ track he now has on his hands, Trinidad Killa expressed that after 17 years of pursuing music professionally, he is happy to finally have found a song that will potentially open doors for him.

“The other day I lie down in my bed and tears come out my eye to know that it’s been 17 years in the industry and I never get a break or a forward before. I guess this show me never to give up on my dreams because I have what it takes to dominate the market,” he said. “I went to real people and they turn me down and thing but I know I would a buss big some day.”

With that said, the entertainer says he’s looking forward to riding this current wave all the way to the top of the industry. He is hoping to land a remix with the Queen of Dancehall Spice or the princess, Shenseea.

“In the industry, these two are buzzing and their personalities match what I looking for on the remix. Artistes already reached out to me to do collaboration for the song already, but it wouldn’t give me the impact that I’m really looking for. This is the break I always wanted so I’m going to put my best foot forward now and any song I had before, I looking to bring dem back. Now I get to show the world who really is Trinidad Killa,” he explained.


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