Gun from foiled armed robbery was not handed over to police

By SNO Staff

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gun1-1024x682Police are hoping to find the gun that was allegedly used by a suspected bandit during an attempted robbery in Girard, Babonneau on Sunday morning.

The suspected bandit, who was disarmed and beaten by patrons of the shop he allegedly attempted to rob in the wee hours of the morning, was discharged from Victoria Hospital Tuesday morning without being formally charged. He was reportedly never under police guard and witnesses have failed to give statements to effect a formal arrest.

The police are now searching for the suspect and are hoping that the witnesses in the case will cooperate. Without a formal report from the witnesses, the police has no solid case against the suspect.

In the meantime, the police are searching for the gun allegedly used in the attempted robbery.

A reliable law enforcement source told St. Lucia News Onlie (SNO) that it would be quite difficult to charge the suspect for possession of the weapon given that so much time has passed since the incident occurred.

“Well, at this stage, if we get a gun it is almost impossible to charge him for it but whoever elese we get with it will face charge for its possession,” the source said. Except for true forensic, how can we prove it’s the gun he had?”

The source is not confident that the police will find the weapon.

“We know who they are and the characters who frequent the shop woud never give up the gun if they found it,” the source alleged.

According to reports, around 1 a.m. on Sunday a male dressed in all black and armed with a gun, entered the shop and demanded money. In the process he took some rum.

However, the patrons, some of whom were playing a card game, put up a fight with the alleged bandit, overpowered him and took his gun.

He was beaten, stripped naked, and photos were taken of him. Those nude and bloody photos were uploaded to social media.

The rum was retrieved.

Police were alerted about the incident shortly after the suspect was captured. He was taken to hospital but was apparently not under police guard. The situation has angered senior members of the police force.

Police were also searching for two other accomplices in the same matter. The other suspects were believed to be waiting in a get-a-away car but they reportedly drove off after realising their alleged partner in crime was apprehended by the patrons of the shop.

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  1. Now who’s the little gunny what wants to keep a dangerous [email protected] sawpon as this one!?

  2. If this episode were not so tragic for all of us, it would be hilarious.

  3. In the first reports of this story in my mind somethings were missing now it all makes sense first of all where is the gun the people who so called disarmed the thief for some reason why you all didn’t hand it to the police secondly our police are idiots no police supervision for the suspect at the hospital and he walk out almost a free man and thirdly and my point the people who beat up the thief should be charged especially for giving him so much locks and ull cannot back up the claim that he had a gun now he cannot be charged for it what did you all do with it or you all just came up with that story to cover up the beating you all gave him and no I am not for the thif he deserve the beating but not so much and if you all have the evidence why not give it up ull cannot give an account of the whereabouts of the gun come on now I knew something was missing that’s why before I commented I waited and again the thief deserved the beating but the people who caught him are hiding something

  4. What a load of nonesense . The police cannot get the gun..its obvious that the bar owner or one of the customers have the gun…Bring them all in for questoning .The bar owner and his accomplices should all be charged for GBH. In my opinion they went over the top. Plus putting the pics on FB…

  5. Why help the police in that situation. I love the big countries. On arrival at the crime scene everybody should have been question by the police, ….on the other hand, he did’t get enough plock. He must learn, it was two of them in the robbery, make him talk, let him say duo is Anderson the guy driving the car that speed away when he start getting licks. Make him you resolve him, what you ‘ll expect to get from that. I pray one day FLOW will bring back de police channel so our police offices will be in a better position as Tojo to investigate certain crimes.

  6. So the police brought the man to the hospital and left.. and now theyre searching for him. If y’all were serious u could ask the alleged thief how did he get into that state.I guess everyone is more concerned with who beat and humiliate the volair. That is why no one will come forward bcuz the only person/s who will face charges are those who are responsible for the vigilante justice… Maysiay don’t give y’all self up, hold the gun and wait for the volairs and buss their ass again

  7. Praise the LORD!!!!!! Justice for the young man. Mr shop owner u got more than justice now is his turn. Hold the gun it’s all yours. Time to turn the page new case. Mighty Yahweh is not asleep Hallelujah praises be unto you father. Justice justice justice.After you’ll do him all that it wasn’t enough. We serve a mighty God who is just and true. You’ll better go and pray and beg for mercy before the wrath of the creator destroy you’ll and you’ll family for the wickedness you’ll did to the young man. Glory power and honor be to you master. Amen

    • Vigilante Justice

      Praise the Lord that the God that we serve doesn’t think and act in the manner that you have described.

    • Johnny Fartypants

      WTF has your imaginary sky fairy got to do with this or anything?

    • are you an idiot or have a degree in jackassology.? the guys in their shop spending their money. this useless vagabond comes to rob them and this is the bull you have to say? where the hell is that coming in. someone could have been shot dead by this bandit for goodness sake and you here giving him right. smdh

    • It seems the thief is your relative smh

    • Dont put god and gun in the same sentence please. I beg you..

  8. Very poor policing : Little or no investigative skills : What about circumstantial evidence ? The force is run like a joke ! What the hell was he doing at that particular location at that particular time ? Subpoena the bar owner and patrons and get the evidence.

  9. All a big pappishow. Such a joke this all is. How about the police allow unamed witnesses provide info and remain anonymous. Why is it lucia so far behind the times. Let’s go people…..wake the phuck up n realize this shit not stopping til the higher authority allow real policing and punishment. Let the man walk…..ya bathe him n dress him too. That sorry fool should be buried with his theogony friends. They gonna get there’s trust in that. Next time toss him in the bush after he gets licks n let him suffer there rather then a police escort to get a meal n treatment n those that know, they know already n make sure you got you know yours is coming. A joke thing this whole police n court system is but if it’s a politician the case already in system. Phuck all that. Theifs you all gonna get yours you come on the wrong man next. No questions asked bye bye

  10. Well when the police showed up they should have given him the guy and the weapon. Then the police would know what to do , but the guy was beaten up badly police came, they said he had a gun but the police didn’t see him with anything so he cannot get charged just like that unless people had come forward say what happened at the bar and gave the gun to the police….

    • So whoever has the gun … I hope they know that they will get arrested for possession of a firearm if they get caught and your rights will turn to wrong

  11. The police should charge the patron in the shop and shop owner for beating the criminal and they will all talk . Nonsense .
    They want the police to help but will not help the police .


      as far as the patrons know, justice was served. the police should have searched before leaving the scene. just carelessness on their part. if they had done that someone might have said something , but I guess if they just allow even the accused to go unescorted, farless collecting the evidence at the scene.
      What a shame, police majey.

      so when it comes to being careless and reckless, 🙁 the Babonneau police? YOU ARE THE FATHER!

  12. So the citizens give the police the suspect all nice and gift-wrapped and they let him walk out of Victoria with no repurcessions. Wow, this is not a good look for the force and of course the blame game has already started.

    • If you’ll feel it cold an you’ll feel we eh want DAT gun back den you’ll lie urll feel a beating is anything ways a gun shot to da head all of urll DAT was involve dead

  13. Vigilante Justice

    The plot thickens! No wonder the criminals feel so emboldened. The police failed to ensure that basic procedures and protocols were followed. Senior police officers are angered my toe. They need to get out of their air conditioned offices and provide support to the junior officers. Many of them are overly concerned about their ranks and jockeying for position in the force. I have little confidence in the ability of our police force to crack this and many other cases and apparently the people of the community of Cacao Girard feel the same. They literally took the law into their own hands as they have seen in too many instances that the criminals go unpunished. It is a sad and dangerous state of affairs when citizens feel this way. The criminal now turn victim was very fortunate to survive but then again had he killed or seriously injured the owner or patrons the headlines would be very much different and another name(s) would be added to the list of homicides for the year.

  14. We have more criminals than criminals. Volair volair volair, just like police policing.

  15. Looks like some people’s right will become their wrong.

  16. Lord! Lord! Lord! What kind of police work is this? So that’s all the police did, on the night of the incident, take the suspect to hospital?

  17. Boy the story seem to be getting a little crooked,rum retrieved,but gun got up and walked away.Who have the gun,because the suspect did not take it with him at victoria hospital.St.lucia.

  18. So they got the rum, the son-of-a-gun but not the gun. So the gun run and the rum stay?

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