Gun control laws in St. Lucia (letter)

Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor: While there’s a process in obtaining a gun permit in St. Lucia we need to have stricter laws.

Guns kill and that is always a bad thing. Anyone caught using/carrying a firearm in any kind of reckless way should have to face a steep penalty.

I know that there are people in St. Lucia who have gun permits and think that it is okay to just walk around with that weapon. Only law enforcement officers on duty should be allowed to carry a weapon around the public.

Gun owners fire shots in the air and think that this is okay. What goes up must come down. Many innocent people all over the world have become victims of such careless acts. We cannot tolerate such behavior in our communities.

Anyone caught using a firearm recklessly should be reported and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We are the Helen of the West not the ‘Wild Wild West’.

— AJ

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  1. the right to self protection is an individual right. Any law abiding citizen of sound mind have the right to carry a weapon. You are also wrong, Guns do not kill people but rather people kill people. Get your facts right.

  2. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. you need to get yourself acquainted with the laws of the land

  3. AJ, where do you get your story from? Majority of the times, it isn't legal gun owners who fire the bullets in the air during celebrations or any other times, so you are wrong in that regard. Second, why do you think Police Officers are the only ones responsible enough to carry and use a firearm? Just like driving, once properly taught and mature enough to know the repercussions of being reckless, anyone can handle a weapon. Where I agree with you is, anyone who's caught with a weapon and not legally entitled to carry one, should be prosecuted to the maximum.


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