Gruesome chopping incident in Vieux Fort

By SNO Staff

Nerius Batchoo sustained a chop to the head.

A young man is in critical but stable condition at St. Jude Hospital following an attack in Cantonement, Vieux Fort earlier this week, according law enforcement sources.

The victim, Nerius Batchoo, 21, of Black Bay, Augier sustained chop wounds to his head and legs.

According to reports, the chop to the head split his skull and has resulted in bleeding in the brain. Batchoo, who is heavily sedated, dips in and out of consciousness.

The incident occurred between 9:00 and 10 p.m. on Wednesday, July 12.

Reports are that Batchoo was at a friend’s residence when he saw four males heading in his direction. One of the men was armed with a cutlass and the others with sticks and stones.

Batchoo reportedly ran into the house and locked the door, but this did not stop the blood-thirsty bandits. They broke the door and a window and entered.

Batchoo reportedly tried to escape through a “back window”, where he was chopped several times.

An elderly blind man who was inside the house at the time of the attack, was not harmed.

Police have confirmed that four males are in custody assisting with the investigations.

A law enforcement source said they are investigating allegations that the victim and his friends and his attackers have been at loggerheads for sometime now, and an incident about three to four days ago may have triggered the bloody attack.

The source went on to state that the attackers were allegedly looking to carry out the attack on four individuals, but only Batchoo was present.

The source further stated that residents in the community fear reprisals from the attack.

A source close to the victim’s family told St. Lucia News Online that Batchoo may not have been the intended victim.

“It is said that they were looking for *** and *** due to some problems and they got him (Batchoo)… Peter paid for Paul,” the source said.

“He was at a friend’s house in the yard because he was staying with them. They (the attackers) run up and he entered the house… it’s he (Batchoo) and his friend’s blind father that lives in the house. Thank God they didn’t get the man.

“There were two [of the attackers outside] and two inside. He (Batchoo) ran inside but tried and escape from the back window where they finish him off,” the source explained.

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  1. I like Kixxoff and Mr.COCO lol

  2. whenever these young thieves get a taste of their own medicine, family and friends always say they were good boys, look at his pic y'all , whea kind of good boy tattoos a machine gun on his chest. what kind of message does that send?

    • Saint Lucians have over three generations of just pure idiots on its hands, to take care of at the moment. What a world!

      Those retards just use and sell drugs as their way of life. They commit other crimes to feed their animal lifestyle, whilst making the whole country a hell hole.

      If we could only tie the tubes of these young women, who give birth such animals, this would be a good start. An infertility drug given after two children would help. We would get a great deal less of those villainous acts to deal with, almost every damn week.

      • We have done to death the hate, the self-loathing and the mutilations. The new revolution is for black men to love each other – it does not require an arsenal of guns, bombs, cutlasses or narcotics. What a wonderful world that would be!

  3. Yes...this is what happens to dem little boys who doesn't do a days work and envy what u have...playing bad boy role doesn't pay off... All I did was leav whateva he did to mi in da hands of god...becuz as far as I knew I Neva hav no problems wit da boy but yet he took it upon his own to play bad boy and distroy my belongings to please friends...bad boy couldn't take stones and cutlass and defend himself but run into fa blind mans house. .what if da old blind man got hurt becuz of him.....they will learn bad boy eh play NP role... Sometimes we jus excuse y'all m---s @ y'all own risk

  4. I know the young man n maybe those involved...when they were cautioned when at school for simple infractions.....parents would come into the shool n rannnnn principal n teachers would get the really sharp end of their tongues...they never provided example n this is the result...parents. Take up your role...let the community raise the child not the community running n hiding from all dem bad boy's

  5. It is a rather sad state for our young ppl especially the young doesn't doesn't work. Some families try but as the saying goes...ain't have thieves if u ain't have accomplices..ppl need to take responsibility for their actions.we blame everyone except ourselves.

  6. Ive known this young man from primary school up to secondary school. The person who say he is a good boy they fucking lie he ---- qnd hes nun but a trouble maker and his mother knows all about his way wardness. For her he never do anything

  7. Prayer man i hope u go thru dat safe my friend. God is good. Justice

  8. I think all the elders in the Vieux Fort community and other communities need to come together and be one voice against the violence. If the community collectively show no tolerance for such behaviour and this is back up by stiff government penalties for using common gardening tools: cutlasses, knifes as weapons; this also includes the use of guns there will be change. This is not a party uniform (red, yellow, green) issue; it is an issue for the whole society. I am appalled by the helplessness and cry for God to save us! If we do not have faith in ourselves (our fellow human beings) how can we feed our faith in a higher spiritual self?

    Our destiny is in our hands!

    • In living memory, I have seen not one government ever, that has responded with any sense of urgency to any national crisis. This is a crisis. That is even when the politicians all seem to too happy to go the press or on the platform to blame the other side for the current situation. It is their pride and joy to make such foolish statements, rather than fix the problems. The problems, like this one has, just fester. Their followers simply follow fashion. Hooray to dumb ass, ignorant Saint Lucians.

    • The Purrrrrfect Prescription

      Yup!!! They always have the prescription for what somewhat someone else should do!!!!

  9. Dem man too weak the devil send Dem to do he laughing at Dem.especially when dey crying in the cell years before der case call.young boys when your are tempted to do these things tell Satan no I will not do dat and pray hard for Satan to run.

  10. That ain't so bad. What a crybaby. smh

  11. This is just sad. Happening too often; our young men are becoming extinct.

  12. If only he just grab a long knife and poke their chest, just saying

  13. This island is overpopulated. The animals that we have produced see a jungle, and not a country. Killing is all the work Saint Lucians can do nowadays. The politicians are getting great pleasure in blaming others for the mess they never take care of.

    • Well said. Our young and mostly unemployed are behaving like the Afghan people. They take narcotics to pass the time and kill other tribe members. Here, we form gangs. We kill other gang members. If there are jobs in other OECS countries, our best brains will go there. They will leave older ones with the curse of the gangs and the SLP ghettos.

      Tourists are tourists. They come and then they go. But when they leave, it is for us to stew in our own made-up sh**.

  14. Loool they bat mate choo for true ih

  15. One of his sisters I know for sure really loves and cares for him. She always helped and defended him whether if he was right or wrong. She would speak to him as any good older sister would. But the young man loves the street vibes

  16. He is a good little boy. But likes to .... His head is too hard. Gangsta vibe and badman vibe don't take anybody no where.i tried showing and teaching him about the real world. Not what he thinks in his head. But I ended up being a p-- boy after wards. I tried. I hope he learns after he gets up. Pray for him. It saddens me to see him this way. Jah

    • Yes. He is an angel. He walks on water. When he dies, a chariot will come down, and take him up to heaven.

    • All lies the cutlass was taken from him after he chopped one of the guys on his left arm

      • I'm not surprised... Dats wat he and his friends usually does
        ....but his friends cldnt prevent da one on his head thou


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