GROSSED OUT: My man refuses to shave!

GROSSED OUT: My man refuses to shave!

Dear Willie:
I have a boyfriend of two years. The relationship is great. We have bad and good times like any other couple.

Willie, my main problem is that my man has refused to shave. He is a naturally hairy person, hair in his ear drums, on his shoulders, back, face, buttocks – hair everywhere.

I have never been someone who likes hairy men but love triumphs over all. My boyfriend knew this from the time I was dating, but we never made it an issue. However, it seriously grosses me out, especially when he sweats during sex. He refuses to shave. He says I am trying to find an excuse to leave him.

I have endured this disgust for two years. It is not fair Willie, because whatever he does not like, I listen and comply. He refuses to shave the pubic hairs.

What other steps can I take?

Dear Miss: Well, it appears your man loves his hairs and values his hairs more than his relationship with you.

I had a similar experience years ago where a friend of mine refused to shave, use shampoo, use deodorant, lotion, perfume or sweet-smelling soap. She prefers to go all-natural.

But my major concern were her pubic hairs, like trying to eat some tuna in hairs as long as two inches. It wasn’t fun, and occasionally I had hair stuck in my teeth.

I volunteered many times to shave her, but she refused. She never, ever complied. And of course, the friendship never grew.

In your case, I believe you should make a tough decision if this guy does not want to comply.  Can you at least ask him to shave the pubic hairs?

If he doesn’t, do what’s best for you. Does it makes sense to be unhappy, uncomfortable? Choose wisely.


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  1. Do none of you people read? It's shocking how incredibly ignorant a majority of you are. Hair is natural and necessary. I'm sure all of you demanding shaving have bumps, infections, and ingrowns for days. Foolishness.


  2. You should have nip it in bud.why complain now? On my first date with him, that would put me off. Hairy men or uncircumcised penis. I would stay single for the rest of my life than in a relationship with any of them.


  3. I love a hairy man. (yes the pubic hairs and underarms needs to be trimmed )But otherwise The man just need to take care of himself. As long as he is clean. Bath before sex, put on some nice cologne. I am good. Love to bury my face in the hairs on his chest during the intense moments..I don't want no glass bottle man.


  4. I have been laughing so much guys.. Did not realize you were all that bad including Willie. I am free and single don't need to


  5. I personally don't like to see women's with hair's under their arms I don't like hairs under my arms for the man he likes his hair girl u no what to do well went u have hair on your private part it have a bad smell


  6. The GF loves it shaved...she loves when I eat the Tuna too...why should she be the only one going down on you? She loves it I love it and she keeps it smooth I love it more.


  7. I'm sorry , but mr willie made me laugh on the part of he eating her pussy and the hair got stuck in his teeth lol


  8. Girl you should have told him from the beginning you did not like the hair and stuck to that. It is best to let each other know straight up from the beginning what you will not tolerate and what you like.


  9. Your man is just nast, this is not about being manly it about Hygiene. My girl u more sick for being with mate so long he eh nast u dat nasty!


  10. that is totally disgusting,at least shave the ears and the back to me these are the worst places for a man to have hair,. he is being selfish and i am pretty sure you keep yourself growm for him ( arm pit. bikini line, uppa lip)
    he needs to keep hiself clean or , offer to do it for him.
    and see his responce