Gros Islet teen held with Mac-11 and ammunition appears in court again

Gros Islet teen held with Mac-11 and ammunition appears in court again
Kerlan Leon appearing in court today.

Kerlan Leon,  the teen who was caught with a Mac-11 firearm and 11 rounds of ammunition in Gros Islet last month, returned to court today.

The 18-year-old from Gros Islet, who is represented by lawyer Lorne Theophilus, appeared in the Gros Islet First District Court but the matter was adjourned until tomorrow, Wednesday, July 12, pending the subsmission of a probation report.

Leon is expected to be sentenced after all relevant submissions/reports have been made.

He pled guilty on June 19 to the possession of an illegal firearm and possession of ammunition.

The teen was arrested during a routine police patrol on Chapel Street, Gros Islet, around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 14, and was charged on June 15, 2017, police said.

Initially, the police reported that he was caught with a Tec-9 firearm.

Leon faces a maximum fine of $10,000 or no less than five years in prison when convicted, according to the local firearms act.

He remains in remand.


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  1. D big boss that In charge Gros islet that give it too him the gun,the people know but keep their mouth shut .these young guys are fooled by a 125cc scooter,$3000 & some weed,they will do anything for it.


    • "D Big Boss""...?? Is that a name...just enquiring. Maybe u should go tell the cops who he is..??


  2. The boss sit outside enjoying life while you take jail because it's your first attempt so the law go easy on you choooopz tan


  3. What are those guys waiting for to formally charge this guy. He pleaded guilty for God's sake. That case should have been closed by now.


    • U a top soucere and an azwhole he HAS been charge from ever since..were simply waiting on sentencing as in all high profile cases.sentencing are ALWAYS due to a latter date.


  4. The past tense of plead is pleaded,not pled. The Americans, as usual, are creating their own words, in order to distinguish themselves from the British. But we do not have to accept Americanism as our way of expressing the English language. Please, Mr. or Ms. Editor, take note.


  5. when u not about that life and u thought the singer MAC 11 was in it we have to bend our back like a shrimp now ?? lolol


  6. His first offence and also pleaded guilty doesn't warrent any jail time..a fine will be suitable...or do u want us to dig up files where ppl in worst situations with names and money get off with ease?the bznz man who were found to have narcotics in his shipment and up to this date no name has been mention.we are two double sided and narrow minded on this likkle rock call st.lucia....IF IT GOOD FOR GOOSE IT GOOD FOR GOATS AND PIGS.


    • So true...yesss...for real what about that case...?? Hmmm...?? That big narcotics shipment??...smdh


  7. Good. At least they caught them before their rampage. What? Are they manufacturing them? The young gunnies are getting younger & younger.


  8. this is a crap law,i man found with sub machine gum and he may find $10,000.00 or less five years in prison , he could taken five lives with that gun ,he could of cause a lot of destruction with that type of gun,and to hear his penalty ,only fives years ? wow that is some laws we have in st lucia ,no wander all these crimes are happening here st lucia.


    • Again if i may reiterate learn to READ and understand before says "a maximum of $10,000 and not less than five your ass should get a legal explanation to this...!! As a paralegal this is ABC to be understood!!


      • Actually it should have read a minimum of $10,000.00.

        If in possession or control of a restricted weapon or restricted ammunition—
        (i) on summary conviction, to a fine of not less than $10,000 or imprisonment for a term of not less than 5 years,
        (ii) on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for a term of not less than 10 years;


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