Gros Islet Rodent Eradication Programme a success – officials

Gros Islet Rodent Eradication Programme a success – officials
A baiting exercise was undertaken in order to curb the rodent problem. * GIS photo

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 – The Gros Islet Town Council is reporting success with the just concluded Rodent Eradication Programme throughout the constituency.

Residents were engaged in  general clean-ups throughout the town, but particularly vacant residential lots and the Gros Islet cemetery.

Assistant Town Clerk at the Gros Islet Town Council, Kimberly McPhee, says the Gros Islet Town Council also held community meetings and other public awareness activities to educate residents about the problems associated with rodent infestation and how they can be prevented.

“We targeted some of the key areas along Marina and Chapel streets in addition to some other main streets in Gros Islet where we did some clearing and de-bushing where rodents were inhabiting.  We also did a baiting exercise in order to curb the rodent problem, and as a follow up, we engaged the STEP workers to clear and clean up some of the vacant properties which were the breeding ground for the rodents which have infested  the Town of Gros Islet.”

Meantime,  the beautification exercise at the Gros Islet cemetery is ongoing in an effort to enhance the general aesthetics of the facility.

The assistant town clerk says the Gros Islet Town Council is seeking support from residents to ensure the proper management of the cemetery.

“We are making another appeal to residents to come in and register their lots.  We have undertaken an extensive clean up of the cemetery and some beautification in addition to numbering the tombs and creating a database of the deceased.  We have done our part and we are urging the residents to come assist us in beautifying the cemetery and to help curb the rodent and garbage problems that are prevalent at the cemetery.”

The Gros Islet Rat Eradication Programme was initiated by Parliamentary Representative, Honourable Emma Hippolyte, in collaboration with the Gros Islet Town Council and the Environmental Health Unit of the Ministry of Health.


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