Gros Islet prepares for Outstanding Citizens Award

Gros Islet prepares for Outstanding Citizens Award

20150701_163610PRESS RELEASE – Plans for the creation of an “Outstanding Citizens Award” for the entire constituency of Gros Islet have been in the making for some time now.

This idea was first conceived by the Lucian People’s Movement leader, Mr. Therold Prudent, who has, for years, lamented the lack of recognition which is accorded to those who have given of themselves to serve the Gros Islet community.

Mr. Prudent has dedicated an entire lifetime of committed service to the people of Gros Islet, notably as the president of Rhum Blanc et Fweydee, the Town Mouse Rebels, Black Lightning, and United Youth Organizaton (Uni-Yo) and as a member of the musical group The Universal Stars and the historic committee that oversaw Gros Islet’s elevation to township in 1985. Mr. Prudent believes that the correct action and precedent must now be set in order to preserve what is left of the indigenous aspects of Gros Islet.

As the author of several books and articles, which have been published and distributed both locally and internationally, Mr. Prudent has, to his credit, made it his duty to not only preserve some of Gros Islet’s memories and earliest history but to also ensure that these memories are easily accessible to the next generation of young Gros Islians, who, in their lifetimes, will never be able to experience what it was like growing up in the Gros Islet of old. Some of his writings can be found in the critically acclaimed non-fiction drama titled Glory Days and Tragedy, which was described by Mr. Adam West, the famous television star of Batman, as “a book with scope and colourful characters.”

The complexities of growing up in the small community of Gros Islet, where people are primarily judged on which political party they support as opposed to the actual merit of their contribution, may have contributed significantly to the erosion of the spirit of community involvement and activism, which is paramount to achieving a dynamic community.

However, the situation is even more sobering when one examines the history of Gros Islet and discovers that the memories and contributions of most of its iconic contributors have been virtually wiped out. Most of these people have died without ever having received any formal recognition or thanks, and those who are still alive today have been essentially relegated to Gros Islet’s waste basket of the forgotten.

It is, therefore, against a progressive backdrop of fairness and the desire to right the wrongs of the past and finally recognise our fellow Gros Islians who have made significant contributions to the development of our community that we formally launch the “Outstanding Citizens of Gros Islet Award.”

This award will ensure that all nominees are given a fair opportunity to be selected for their service to Gros Islet, and it will, therefore, not omit or disqualify anyone on the basis of his or her partisan persuasions or the circumstances associated with his or her socioeconomic conditions. A total of 10 persons will be selected on an annual basis.

A mere award for one’s service to Gros Islet is certainly not sufficient. Therefore, plans are currently underway to actively engage the Gros Islet Constituency Council and to seek its permission to transform the old Gros Islet town square by erecting an appropriate monument on which the names of all the inductees, public servants, and heroes of Gros Islet will be etched in sparkling granite against the backdrop of a cascading waterfall.

We urge all residents of the Gros Islet constituency to actively participate in this process by submitting the names of nominees who, in their humble opinions, have earned the right to be presented with the “Outstanding Citizens of Gros Islet Award.” The administrators of this award will also allow nominees to be considered posthumously.

All submissions should be made to [email protected] The deadline for submission is Tuesday, September 1st, 2015.


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