Gros Islet police investigating “tragic” death of well-known taxi driver and businessman

Gros Islet police investigating “tragic” death of well-known taxi driver and businessman

(SNO) – Officers from the Gros Islet Police Station are probing the death of prominent taxi driver and tour operator Nereus Francis, better known as “Cosol”,  the founder of Cosol St. Lucia Tours.

Details surrounding his death are sketchy, but one thing that’s certain at this time, is that his death was “tragic and foul play” is suspected, according to a law enforcement source.

Information reaching our newsroom is that Francis was shot and that his vehicle subsequently ran off the road, into a ditch.

The incident is reported to have occurred in Mongiraud.

The Gros Islet Police responded to a report of a shooting/accident at 10:30 p.m. and the Gros Islet ambulance service responded shortly after being alerted.

Another unconfirmed report is that after he was shot, Francis’s vehicle veered off the road, and as he was trying to get out of the vehicle, it appeared to have fell on him. It is also theorised that the vehicle may have overturned, ejecting him in the process.

“Half of the vehicle was found on top his body. Uncertain where he sustained gunshot wound,” the source said.

“The motive for the shooting is not yet ascertained but robbery is being looked at,” another source said.

Francis, who turned 51 earlier this year, is originally from Babonneau. A resident from the community told our newsroom that Francis had built a very large house in a Gros Islet community.

According to his business website, “Nereus is a high energy, friendly, courteous and a dedicated individual. Nereus wants to see that every visitor has the time of their life on his excursions. He started Cosol St. Lucia Tours in 2002 with the aim of providing visitors to the island, a chance to satisfyingly experience the best attractions in St. Lucia during their brief stay.

“The nick name “Cosol” comes from the patois name for the sop. It’s a tropical fruit normally shaped like a heart with rough green skin and soft spikes. The white fleshy inside is very sweet and juicy when ripe. The sop can be eaten or used to produce a creamy juice that looks like milk.”

Our newsroom will provide more information as it becomes available.


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  1. Fishy,if it quacks like a duck then its a duck..My question is how Cosol find his self under his car,what he was doing,was he chaning tire and got run down by his own car?...Or was he shot in his car tried to bail out,get away and then he was run over by his own car.thats my theory either or.


  2. Every thing happens for a reason whether we like it or not what the reason no one knows it's just the way it is


  3. Rest in peace my brother . i pray that your attackers never find rest until they confess and are brought to justice..


  4. a successful St. Lucian man's worst enemy is an other St. Lucian man. Worst thing is Nigg'r on Nigg'r violence. Very jealous!


    • You should have stopped at your first sentence. Cosol was no where close to the "N" word. His color does not make him the "N" word. You should not comment on a person you do not know.


  5. don't understand this such a down to earth individual always happy always loving to others jealousy makes people do foolish things whats really the reason I do hope we find answers and the persons or person never find peace in their life we will always fight for you corsol we will not rest until the deceitful ones are caught you didn't deserve to go that way may you rest in eternal peace with the creator we will miss you dearly gone but never forgotten


  6. RIP cosol such a fantastic guy showed us st lucia opened our eyes to such a beautiful island


  7. Just saw cosol through the terminal at point seraphine Thursday morning before I went to do my tour giving him a morning greeting of a jam .Today you there tomorrow you gone feels so sad that a progressive young man to loose his life this way.His the one pushing me giving me the vibes to accomplish the same goal as he did doing my private tours. May you rest in peace my brother.


  8. fact is no one knows exactly what he was involved in, no one gets gunned down for no reason


    • Such a ridiculous comment, while it's true no one knows if he was involved in something wrong , people do get shot for no reason . When someone robs you and shoots u that's no reason !!


  9. Some of my brothers and sisters are full of malice in their hearts,never want to see another one doing better than them. It is a sad situation. If one take his life for what he work so hard to achieve it is a dam shame such a young man, wasted life why? Let us wait and see the out come result from the police lets hope we are wrong to his family, friends and colleague my deepest condolence may he Rest In Eternal Peace.


  10. I declare justice for u. Omg.this is soo sad. Nice guy. I very friendly. I may u rest in peace.heavenly father let these criminals be caught. I RIP cosol RIP


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