Gros Islet MP to deliver Human Resource Centre

Gros Islet MP to deliver Human Resource Centre
Emma Hippolyte
Emma Hippolyte
Emma Hippolyte

PRESS RELEASE – Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet, Hon. Emma Hippolyte has expressed her delight that Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has secured funding for the completion of the Human Resource Development Centre in Gros Islet. Last week, the Ambassador for the Republic of China (Taiwan), H.E. Ray Mou, presented a cheque for $2,902,583.35, in order to complete the project.

According to Hon. Hippolyte,“This development will be transformative for the people of Gros Islet. The space will serve the area in providing a vital forum, not only for conferences and meetings, but also for arts performance, education and rehearsal. Thanks to the efforts of the Government in securing funds for the finalisation of the project, the people of Gros Islet will soon be able to profit from the facility. The centre will act as a buzzing community hub for all, and will allow business and creativity to flourish side-by-side in Gros Islet.”

Although the completion of the project is welcomed news, Hon. Hippolyte says the manner in which this project was undertaken led to the delays. The Parliamentary Representative lamented that the project was started with no funding for the completion and so when the first phase was complete, she was left to source funds for the continuation of the project. Hon. Hippolyte said,

“We must remember that the Gros Islet Human Resource Development Centre was commenced by the former Administration on the eve of elections in 2011.

Its approval was rushed through the Development Control Authority after work had already commenced, so much so that no provision was made for parking for the facility.

The former Administration always knew that the project would cost far in excess of what was originally budgeted.

Because of this, they divided the works into two phases. The original funding made available through the Ministry of Social Transformation, the minister being Leonard “Spider” Montoute at the time, was only sufficient to complete the building’s superstructure. That first phase of the project came to a close in 2013 without any additional funds readily available.

It was now left up to us as a Government to seek funding and clearly, with St. Jude under construction, faced with a similar situation with no funds to complete it, priority had to be elsewhere at the time.”

The proposed Gros-Islet Human Resource Development Centre, which will consist of two levels, will feature conference facilities, a concession area, office space, a restaurant facility with on-street access, and a state-of-the-art theatre consisting of 500 retractable seats.

Work on the project is expected to commence shortly and should take six months for completion.


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  1. Emma needs to fix those swimming pool sized holes she have the corinth people going though day in and out. She won't be getting my vote this time


  2. Emma u are delivering the HRDC but the Taiwanese. Once again thanks to those men who chose to have links with the Taiwanese. That is what is saving people like u. All those concrete roads for party hacks with Taiwanese monies. GRANNY EMMA.


  3. How you different to Spider, Granny Emma? He started the Centre before election and now four years later you finishing it before election. Who is worse?


  4. where was SLP the last 4 years? wasnt unemployment high then? didn't our constituencies need things then? they are still too stupid to see that the public can no longer be fooled by saying and doing things in the same year of elections. I cannot wait to see the back of each and everyone of them in that party. time to go.


  5. Granny Emma you are so pathetic! After four years in government only now on the eve of election you see the need to continue this project. I realize you do not like the name "granny" that is why you use a very young photo in this press release .


  6. This is just a stark admission by SLP, that the the Gros Islet seat is in play this time around. But much more than this the SLP is afraid that it is going to lose this seat.

    This is just one rearguard action to try and save it. You reason it out.

    Now watch the difference. Play close attention. Unlike the many utterly stupid, empty "will" and "to" election promises we have had bandied around so far, some real money is earmarked for this.

    You tell me. Will it be only our idiots and usual suspects who will not be able , or who will not accept this marked and telling difference in approach?


  7. Messieux. That woman have a election vapon. Is things she in we never see her so busy the past four years.
    Four years and only now you remember that centre was started for you to complete


  8. BLAH BLAH BLAH, It's not even Christmas yet but y'all promising the people all types of development projects. PROMISING MORE GIFTS THAN SANTA CLAUS !!

    Well, if Lucians fall for the bate this time. THIS COUNTRY IS MOST DEFINITELY GOING TO THE DOGS !! Because I ain't gonna lie y'all do a good job of MANIPULATING THE ELECTORATE !!

    Let's see if Lucians have caught on to this ploy that has been going on since I was a child. (promise the people all types of GOOD WILL AND IDEAS AT ELECTION TIME.


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