Gros Islet Fire Station receives two new ambulances

Gros Islet Fire Station receives two new ambulances

Two fully equipped ambulances were officially handed over to the Gros-Islet Fire Station on Tuesday as that institution marks its 10th year of service to the community.

The donation came as government’s commitment to addressing the problems faced by the fire service as it relates to the lack of ambulance services.

The Government of Saint Lucia hopes that this assistance will aid in improving and boosting emergency services.

Minister for Legal Affairs, Home Affairs and National Security, Senator Victor Philip La Corbiniere, hailed this initiative as a step in the right direction.

“I believe this year will bring some challenges for the Fire Service, but it will also bring some resolution to some of the problems in the Fire Service, and it will also bring high hopes to move the Fire Service even further ahead and certainly in the direction that we are all committed to go.”

In addition, Parliamentary Representative for Gros-Islet, Emma Hippolyte, expressed appreciation to the Fire Service for collaborating and cooperating with the government.

“The Fire Service for Gros-Islet for the year, 2012, made some 1,847 emergency calls, and as we stand here, I can tell you this constituency continues to grow day after day. 2013, I expect those numbers to increase. I am happy that you are having and receiving a piece of equipment that is going to cause you to deliver a more efficient service than you have delivered in the past.”

The Saint Lucia Fire Service is hoping that firemen and women will update and improve their knowledge and skills in this capacity as to continue providing a crucial service to the people of Saint Lucia.


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  1. That's a good start to the 'Social Cause' and I say, keep it coming. Don't forget the other Quarters though, because a Government should be governing for all the people, all the time.


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