Gros Islet Constituency Council and CARILED workshop hopes to boost tourism

Gros Islet Constituency Council and CARILED workshop hopes to boost tourism

workshop 1PRESS RELEASE – On Tuesday November 3, 2015, the Gros Islet Constituency Council (GICC) partnered with the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED) to host a one-day workshop for stakeholders in local economic development (LED) in Gros Islet.


The workshop was held at the Conference Room of the GICC and was facilitated by Mr. Grant Hopcroft, a Canadian volunteer with over 30 years of experience in municipal governance and local economic development through public-private community partnerships in London, Ontario.  The initiative brought together council members, public sector representatives, SME representatives, business, youth and community leaders to discuss matters pertinent to LED in Gros Islet.

The Local Economic Development Strategic Plan (LSP) for the town has been developed with assistance from CARILED. It recommends three broad areas of activity – the development of small-micro enterprises (SMEs), infrastructure enhancement, and a new institutional arrangement through a public-private- community partnership known as the Gros Islet Development Partnership (GDP) to drive the development of these plans.

More specifically, four (4) projects have been prioritized following meetings and consultations involving members of the Gros Islet community, the GICC and other key stakeholders:

  • Establishment of a Central Service Site to manage and support community tourism in Gros Islet, including the Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party
  • Signage and a historic and nature tour of the town of Gros Islet
  • Development of a beach facility (water sports, chairs and vending kiosks) for cruise 
passengers, and
  • Installation of mooring buoys, improvements to the jetty and ferry docking facility.

During the workshop, Mr. Hopcroft and the team from CARILED made presentations, received feedback and moderated discussions on the proposed objectives, structure, and composition of the GDP and operational guidelines for the Partnership. Also discussed were the four (4) prioritized project plans and recommended processes for submission of proposals from prospective SME entrepreneurs.

workshop 9
A great deal of fruitful discussion was generated and the information gathered will inform the development of an operations manual for the Gros Islet Development Partnership once established.


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  1. Not too late but a step in the right direction. Looking forward to attending a presentation on the way forward for Gros islet from GICC.


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