Gros Islet community shares hams among residents

Gros Islet community shares hams among residents
Acting PM Minister Emma Hippolyte. Photo credit:
Acting PM Minister Emma Hippolyte. Photo credit:
Acting PM Minister Emma Hippolyte. Photo credit:

PRESS RELEASE – The Gros Islet Community with the Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet Miss Emma Hippolyte on Tuesday treated residents in need with a distribution of Hams.

The Ham packages were distributed in all the different districts in Gros Islet with the Parliamentary Representative herself driving throughout the community to deliver the gifts and wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This activity followed Christmas Parties for Children in Grand Riviere, Monchy and Gros Islet  on Saturday 19th December and a Lunch for the Elderly which was held at the Dame Pearlette Primary School on Sunday the 20th December.  

The Gros Islet Community and the Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet Miss Emma Hippolyte would like to wish all very Good Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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  1. if these were left overs from Ralph then it is Hamful to Saint Lucians. Stop treating us like Venezuelans and Haitians


  2. Ignorant comments above. Wow. Everything is political. You don't do they do they talk. Is actually unnerving to read these comments.


  3. Our roads need to be fixed. We need to ensure that people have jobs - ham? Elections coming you trying to fool people WE NOT ON THAT!!!!


  4. Let's finish the half finished bridge and pave the road on the new bus stand.
    Why not give something local like local chicken. BY the way neither ham nor chicken is local in this country. Only yams and bannas are local.

    Why not build a side walk from Gros I let to Rodney bay.


  5. Sorry Emma. That's left overs from Ralph St. Vincent Election campaign. Is that all your constituents are worth


  6. While the big boys home and abroad driving top of the line Range Rovers, the supporters have to gather around and collect the scraps that fall from their tables. Mi better days la!


  7. Did you give ham last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before? There were no release on SNO. Why now? Fooling your people with ham. LOL


  8. When will the SLP get the necessary intelligence to get to the point of putting systems in place, where you do NOT give the fish, but you teach the people how to fish?

    We had a fire in fire-hazard Soufriere chock-full of history and historical housing. A very smart SLP MP advised the residents to get insurance. Yeah! The properties done burn already. So what is there to insure? The ashes?

    Another smart SLP MP told the victims of that same recent fire that "We will rise from the ashes!" But of course. The house and businesses done burn! The persons who may have lost or had their homes damaged had no recourse on that weekend to homes they could readily go to. The financial support system with the paperwork involved could not shelter them from the loss. There again, there was no system in place.

    SLP is so full of hot air! They think that is only their retards that make up the population of this country. Those country bucks are always taking people for granted, thinking that everyone is a stooge, or is as dumb as they are.

    Prepare for you well-deserved better day. Your days are numbered. We are very tired of this, your endless entertaining and amusing political circus. With hams or without hams, you all are facing a 17 to 0 defeat.


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