Gros Islet-Castries roadway likely to be reopened this week

Gros Islet-Castries roadway likely to be reopened this week

12289553_925327180882901_8366291988379239169_n#‎WhileTheyBickerWeDeliver‬ is the hashtag on Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel’s Facebook profile post as she announced that the bridge on the Gros Islet-Castries roadway, opposite the JQ Rodney Bay Mall, is expected to be open soon.

The press secretary, posting in an unofficial capacity, stated: “When we said the project would be completed soon the road would be reopened, many persons came in here to say not till Christmas or the New Year. I just came to wish SLAP [St. Lucians Aiming for Progress] a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

“The bridge is complete, the road will be paved tomorrow. Immediately thereafter, the road will be open. Again, Joyeux Noel.”

Jn Pierre-Emmanuel also backed up her statement with photos (see those in story).

The roadway was closed to all vehicular traffic after a section of the southbound lane collapsed – creating what was commonly called a “sinkhole – between Nov. 12 and 13.

“Failed ARMCO culverts” were reported by an official to be the cause of the collapse.

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  1. Meanwhile in London there is lots of bickering going on:

    More mud than the Rodney Bay Bridge gutter.


  2. OK so when is it open? Mondays gone and I bet it will be next month end for sure. Jadia you full o crud, go and have a bath in the stinking swamp below the bridge.


  3. This bridge has been down for a month. We have been promised it would be open every Monday for 3 weeks, and again it's delayed. This would have been fixed in days if the government had got their fingers out of their asses and stopped sending Big Kenny around the world to eat and drink more than normal at our expense. That bypass they have created around the villages is shocking - I'll believe the new bridge is open when I am driving over it and the damn thing doesn't collapse into the stream. For an island as small as ours, the traffic is a shambles. When the police direct it, it gets worse. It's quicker to walk.


  4. Yall deliver? What happen to st judes... since 2009 the hospital burn down, you have the staff and patients in a stadium.....deliver the hospital and stop stealing st lucians money !! and its a road no political reference need to be made for it... just fix it and move onto other more serious matters...yall have too much time on yall hands to keep posting nonsense


  5. wow..its amazing we have manged to build a few yards of concrete back over a kfc food invested swamp, lets celebrate with all the politicians and say how great we are, yes we have achieved something for a change but the really is this as good as its gets.


  6. How about using that hastag #‎WhileTheyBickerWeDeliver when when you come up with with NEW and INNOVATIVE ideas which would make St.Lucia a force to be reckon with in the region instead of using it for something that was broken and had to be fixed.
    What you'll were going to do , leave it unattended?


  7. Sooooo official matters and announcements of the country are posted on jadias Facebook page .....noted


  8. Jadia needs to hush up! The only people paying any attention to that ghetto celebrity is the ignorant labour hacks. Jadia tell Kenny to give the people a proper hospital so they can get proper healthcare. You were a lucky hack to get government to pay for your medical expenses with MY tax money so please ask KEnny to at least invest some of the money Juffali pay him into fixing the hospital so our people who have no government to sponsor them can get proper medical attention when they are sick. Otherwise shut your space teeth!!! #sickofslp


    • for you to comment you fall in the same bracket as (gnorant labour hacks.) move on from that medical bills story also its old. I see you even giving a message for our Pm if you were paying attention to the hot button show early this week you would of gotten your answers as to our hospital. oop i see her space teeth is also an issue for you. SHOCK ON IT.........


      • This medical bill story can never be all. Every time a poor person/youth dies of a curable sickness, but could not have avoided medication, should be needle in Jadia's heart. This will be with Jadia once the SLP is in power.


      • The medicals bills story can never be old because we won't forget. So many of our poor people cannot get help and those who can afford, getting all and bleeding this country dry. Madame big mouth should be the first person to advocate for a good hospital for our people instead of boasting about roads and bridges and stupid half ass pot holing that the SLP is famous for! HACkass!


  9. Jadia people cannot eat roads neither can roads heal people. Why don't yall deliver on good hospitals and proper healthcare? Why can yall deliver on jobs jobs jobs? Pothole government is what yall jackasses are!


  10. Jadia what do you have to say about the diplomacy that Ernest Hilaire and Kenny sold to Juffali! Your big mouth was very quiet then. Why don't you talk about the fact that SLP members can't stand Hilaire but have no choice to accept that KDA wants him to take over from him. Why don't you talk about Pip and Emma who have to take a back seat to Hilaire! STOP pretending all is good and rosy in your camp because y'all bickering more! HOW MUCH Juffali pay all yuh!


  11. I have to commend the people involved in working such long hours, seen them working there past 2am. In some countries, this job would take months to complete, as there would first be a tender process to see who is going to make the most money.
    So as an outsider, I am most impressed with the progress. Well done!


  12. Why is the bridge being open so quick . The rush job is not good enough . The concrete needs to settle more before we allow traffic to go over it . It is too soon to allow traffic on the bridge . It will do the same . Also the diverted traffic through la retraite road . Is the bright going to be inspected and fix . Again it was not built for all this traffic it has been having . So overall we are back to square one . Just a matter of time


  13. And St. Judes???? If the PM was here more often he would probably understand the plight of the ppl. Btw look how far up his wife reach too. The only ppl benefitting are those in kenny's circle. People are suffering and this guy is far removed and insular.


  14. You would think, in light of the current transport situation in that junction that they would provide ample space for buses heading down to town...they cause interruptions in the flow at certain times of the day...who doesn't want to head down half filled stays in that area causing difficult for other buses to stop because the area is alrdy so limited...i trust by the mention of furthering the four lanes from choc would tell them to make the road larger than what I'm seeing....perhaps not...smh...still in thankful this mayhem is almost over...can you imagine the melee around Christmas and new years time...i will just walk.


  15. To me the first report by SNO on the scheduled works gave completion by the Monday (essentially a weekend job). So what the fudge Jadia talking about Xmas or NY?

    In the two weeks since that report no courtesy extended to the public from Communication & Works or even that mouthpiece regarding any updates on the works or a revised timeline for completion.

    So Jadia hold your pat on your back. The people tired of your continued insults.


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