Gros Islet bus drivers accused of overcharging passengers

Gros Islet bus drivers accused of overcharging passengers
Gros Islet minibus park in Castries.
Gros Islet minibus park in Castries.
Gros Islet minibus park in Castries.

Passengers claim that minibus drivers who operate from Gros Islet using the Monchy and Bonne Terre Roads are overcharging them.

One woman told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she is not happy about it, because while the bus fare is $2.25, some drivers are demanding an extra 25 cents.

Another passenger claims that bus drivers operating that route would sometime charge $1 extra, especially during the peak hours and in the evenings.

However, these complaints are being made despite a recent announcement made by Transport Minister Phillip J. Pierre that there will be no change in bus fares.

The minister said last week that after consultation with the Gros Islet Mini Bus Association, they agreed to conduct a shuttle service from Castries to the Rodney Bay Mall and from the Rodney Bay Mall to Gros Islet.

“There will be no change in bus fares. Each bus will be identified for the service they provide. We are very grateful for the cooperation and support of the drivers of the Gros Islet Mini Bus Association,” he stated.

President of the Gros Islet Minibus Association Claudius Joseph told SNO that his organisation nor the ministry have received any such reports and believes that it could only be one malicious person.

“As far as I am concerned, I am on the road everyday and the gentleman from the Ministry of Transport Mr. Nigel Joseph we are on the road everyday, and we have not received one complaint,” he said.

Francis said if anybody can prove that the minibus drivers are overcharging, then they are asked to collect the minibus number and have it reported to the association on telephone numbers 285-5577 or 285-4950.

The ministry is currently undertaking repairs to a culvert located in the southbound lane of the Gros Islet Castries Roadway opposite the Rodney Bay Mall.


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  1. The only time I "overpaid" was Saturday night at 8:30pm because no bus was running straight from Gros Islet to Castries. I was told by the driver that they were not doing anymore straight trips to Castries. I had to take a bus from the Marina to Rodney Bay then another from Rodney Bay to Marisule. I paid $3.00 in all for the 2 trips, I am normally charged 1.75 for a straight trip.Considering the weather was bad and it was after 8pm, I dont mind.I dont think they discontinued the full trip because of greed but rather feasibility of doing a straight trip at that time of day and the bad weather. However, I think the Association should have made it c lear at what hours do straight trips begin and end. I also believe there are Association drivers doing what they want and violating the terms of the press release. Its the same drivers who would charge you $5 for a short trip at midnight. There will always be a crook among honest men. Dont board a bus without a 1A band or someone who is overcharging unless you are really desperate to get home. You have the choice to say no and stand up for your consumer rights. Dont accept an overcharge then quarrel to the media.


  2. For sure if you are not from Gros-Islet, never ask the driver who plies route 1A for the cost of the bus fare.
    They will over charge.
    I am a victim of it.


    • Bus drivers are capitalist! Exploiting the poor commuters. The bus drivers are the hungriest set of people in this country! Cheups!


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