Gros Islet bus driver claims he is innocent, bit passenger in self-defense

Gros Islet bus driver claims he is innocent, bit passenger in self-defense
Passenger Audrey Frederick claimed that the bus driver bit her hand as she attempted to take up the money.
Passenger Audrey Frederick claimed that the bus driver bit her hand as she attempted to take up the money.

A Gros Islet bus driver, who is accused of assaulting a Guyanese national last week Thursday over a fare difference of 25 cents, plans to take legal action and claimed that it was the woman who was the aggressor.

A source close to the bus driver, speaking on condition of anonymity, said her relative is disturbed by the version of events relayed by passenger Audrey Fredericks, calling them “outright lies”.

Fredericks, who lives in Bois D’Orange, Gros Islet, had told St. Lucia News Online that she was assaulted and bitten by the bus driver in a fall-out over bus fare.

Fredericks had reported that she and her 12-year-old son boarded the bus around 1:30 p.m. but the chain of events started when the bus stopped in Marisule, Gros Islet to let off a passenger. During that time Fredericks said she paid the bus driver $3.25 but the driver was not happy. He insisted that Fredericks paid the full fare or get off his bus

However, the source close to the bus driver claimed the woman was the aggressor from the beginning.

“The lady refused to pay the full fare, that’s a fact. The driver did his job, full fare up front,” the relative said.

The source said the mother initially refused to pay the full fare for her teenage son even though the bus driver provided written evidence.

“The little boy was not in school uniform so the full fare should be paid but the lady was hot-headed calling the man a thief. He never thief nothing for her. She owed him. Outright lies from that woman,” the source claimed.

Stating that “attitude determines altitude”, the source said had the woman responded more kindly, things would have turned out different.

The driver said he was going to accept the fare after the son offered to pay the difference of .25 cents, the source said, but all broke loose.

“The $3.25 was placed beside the woman in the seat after he (the driver) got off the bus. The son was giving the 25 cents… the woman just grab the coins like a pig as the driver was about to take up the money,” the source said. “Had she just let the man take back the money from the seat, we would not have reached here. But she well hot.”

That’s when the altercation kicked off. The source denied that the driver willfully assaulted the passenger. She said the driver bit the woman in self-defense.

“When he got back in the bus with plans to go to the police station, the woman grab the man shirt, burst the man chain and tear his shirt. The driver bit the woman because she was attacking him. Why would the man bite the woman hand for 25 cents? Wickedness. Lies.”

The source said the driver took the woman’s cell-phone because she burst his chain and held on to money that was rightfully his.

The source added that her relative is seeking compensation for his chain, injuries and damage to his reputation.

Below is a letter written to Godfrey Ferdinand, president of the National Council of Public Transportation, by Fredericks. (Parts of the letter – including the driver’s name and bus number – have been edited for legal reasons)

Dear Sir: This letter is to inform you of an incident between myself and a bus driver.

My name is Ms Audrey Fredericks, I live at Bois D Orange, Quarter of Gros-Islet. On Thursday 21st August 2014, Myself and 12 years old son boarded a Route 1 A bus…. I paid him $3.25 for both of us since that is what other drivers usually charge me.

The driver claimed I was short by $1.25 I told him that is not true since that’s what I usually pay besides I was coming off at Bois D Orange, he then stated that I was short by $.25. He told me to pay him of come off his bus, which I refused to do. Another passenger offered the $.25 but he refused to accept it, yet someone else offered a $1.00 and he still refused it. He proceeded to open the door and dropped the $3.25 on the seat next to me and once again instructed me to get off his bus, I refused at first but then I attempted to pick up the money and disembark the bus, however he grabbed my hand and a scuffle ensued, my son then offered him the $.25 and he told him “give it to your mother for her to give me”.

I came off the bus but then I saw him with my mobile phone a Galaxy S5, and he said he’s taking me to court, I boarded the bus again and when he sat down I tried to grab my phone, he then bit me on my hand, I grabbed his chain and bursted it, he drove to the Gros-Islet Police Station where he reported to the police that I refused to pay him and later hit him with my phone, which is not true. He stated that he’s taking me to court for his damaged chain which according to him is valued at US$6000.00.

I am also taking him to court for assault, before leaving the police station I paid him $3.50. I went to the poly clinic where I saw a doctor and was given a Tetanus Injection and other medications.

As a passenger it disgusts me at the manner in which some of the driver behaves, some of them overcharge commuters and get away with it, a perfect example one night I boarded a bus at Gros-Islet and was charged $5.00 to Bois D Orange, when it should have been price and a half after hours. This had to be paid before the bus moved.

Please contact me on ….  for further discussion on the matter.

Audrey Fredericks
Cc: Mr Thomas St. Louis
Public Relations Officer
Gros-Islet Mini Bus Owners Association

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  1. I just think if people offered to pay the difference he should have taken it.Life is too short to make an issue out of .25 cents things won't get better in this country if we continue on this path.


  2. The Bus driver's relative's loyalty is with the bus driver, so obviously they will be biased against the passenger.


  3. There are three sides to every story. In this case... The bus driver's account, the Guyanese woman and the Truth


  4. All i know when children of age are out of school uniform they pay the full fare.So that lady is ill informed.


  5. This poor Guyanese lady and her son just can't seem to get a break. It was only a few months ago that she had to run away from her unfinished house in Castries because of witchcraft; now she is in trouble with the bus-drivers. That THING is following her.


  6. Up to now i cant understand this thing about children under 12 only pay a certain price in school uniform and pay full price out of uniform...are u telling me that they are only considered to be children in uniform? And second, for the amount of 0.25 drivers has robbed of people, i for one have only dicovered that u pay 2.25 to rodney bay and not 2.50 only by one honest bus driver, the other has been over charging me by 0.25


  7. Its true gros islet bus drivers over charge. Imagine they were making persons pay more because they blocked off the road for castries carnival and they had to make the round. I can mention names ... But thats none of my business.


  8. Boy 25 cents is a lot of money when u come from a place like guyana, all she had to do was pay him the inflated cost and make a report to the police, let the court settle that, if mate is found guilty then he would pay the state a fine and still have to compensate the lady for her 25
    On the other hand any country which doesn't have its own public transportation isnr ready, bus drivers holding the country at ransom...bullshit. Its time for the poweres that be establish two major bus terminals to service buses coming from south and one for vehicles coming from north...then establish a drop and pick up point in the city which will be operated by government coasters, so when these bastards strike we already have a few coasters to transport the working population, remove all those bus stands from the city, on average u have 400 buses coming to castries, congesting the streets, private vehicles can't get parking, pure shit. Government a to implement its own PUBLIC transportation system....those buses we have are private not public....


  9. From time is "relative" that come and talk on your behalf you lying and besides you not any dog to be biting people


  10. The driver's relative will not be against him. We need to hear from another passenger. Some of these drivers need to change their attitude and they do overcharge.


  11. There are two sides to this story but wat I do not understand lady is cuz u not paying the 25 cents he took ur phone???? Strange eh. I think the bursting of the mans chain happen before he took your phone.......


  12. Majority of Gros-Is-Let bus drivers are scammers and thieves.
    If you are not familiar with the buds fare to that area"NEVER ASK THOSE BUS DRIVERS"
    They will take advantage of you and make you pay double the BUS fare. It ha happened to me a few times before, so I know what I am talking about. They are not HONEST.

    My advice to you, is ASK a passenger whom you believe knows and lives in the area for the price or hand the driver the money. He will then assume you know the BUS fare and will not take more than is owed.



  13. If he showed her the written evidence of his bus prices for a child out of school uniform, whats her issue? She should of done what he said and get down....and the son was willing to pay the difference. ....smh...chooopse idiocracy i say.


  14. them gros islet bus drivers are very ignorant....i think they need to take a course in anger management, and learning to be more of a people person before going on the streets...


  15. Thats driver has that reputation of being aggressive once i took the bus from bois d'orange to Rodney bay an the man getting on with me i have to pay $2.25 with out asking. Me where i took the bus from i think he should be suspended or taken off the road


  16. You guys, bus drivers from Gros Islet Route, are notorious for being ignorant fools, acting ignorantly on and off the roads.

    Why they give licenses to imbeciles like yourselves are quite beyond me!!


  17. All of this over 25 cents! Do not know who is at fault but i have had negative experiences with them. Some want you to pay for the child abd have the child on you even when you offer to pay adult price.Btw ALL DRIVERS HAVE YOUR PRICE LIST OUT FOR PASSENGERS TO SEE. ATTACHED ARE RULES. RE
    read the rules people. Do not remain ignorant.


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