Gros Islet branch gives ‘Spider’ Montoute the official nod

Gros Islet branch gives ‘Spider’ Montoute the official nod
Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute.

Members of the United Workers Party (UWP) Gros Islet branch has thrown their support behind former Public Service Minister Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute as the candidate of their choice to contest the next elections.

This decision was made on Wednesday (July 15) during an important meeting held in the constituency.

Montoute was however not endorsed by the UWP General Council during their last meeting.

The UWP deputy political leader has expressed his gratitude to supporters who placed confidence in him running again for the next elections.

Montoute had contested three elections, but was only successful at the 2006 polls.

According to reports, there was no run-off, because Montoute was the only candidate considered by the UWP Constituency branch at Wednesday’s meeting to contest the seat under a UWP ticket.

Jeanna Cornielle, a public servant, who had expressed an interest in running for that seat was not at that meeting and did not compete against Montoute.

“The branch unanimously agreed that their support was with me and that my name should be submitted to the national executive and sent to the national council for endorsement,” he told HTS News Force.

There have been some controversies surrounding the process by which a member is selected to contest an election under the UWP.

The UWP has already endorsed 7 candidates, which includes UWP leader Allen Chastanet, who is exempted from participating in a run-off.


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  1. This may be premature...but:

    Incy wincy spider climbed up the waterspout,

    Down came the rain and washed the spider out,

    Out came the sun and dried up all the rain,

    So Incy wincy spider climbed up the spout again.


  2. Gosh....some ppl just dont know when to stop. One min it emma this and spider is a snake. If u all don't want to vote for the man then don't and stop criticizing him. All parties have the same crap.... give the man his break.....they're all there for themselves. ...give the man his break....mwen mem uh....


  3. i am bewildered as to how spider has helped the gros islet constituency. he may be a great man and has helped persons personally but overall i dont see anything. he only checked for the gros islet town and forgot the environs in his tenure. day to day i pass thru the gros islet town which he is said to have at heart and see nothing but poverty. every other young lady is pregnant. there are ghettos everywhere you turn. i am just flabbergasted.


  4. Well oh well, I am from the constituency of Grosislet,Rodney bay to be exact. St Lucians wake up, since spider montoute lost the last election, nobody heard of him, only heard he went into hospital after he lost the seat. Spider is not a politician, if he was he would still be interested in working the seat
    Even if he lost. Spider . Is not for you guys, he is only there for money if he can make some out of politics.

    I am a UWP but will never vote for spider, I will vote for Emma Hipolyte even though she represents SLP,

    The woman has class. Intelligence, and a good politician, even though that is hard to be good when
    You are in politics.

    So people of Grosislet think. Spider montoute is a LOST CASE, forget him, prudent is a waste of time, one man party , get serious if you want to enter politics, get a party going. SMH


  5. What double standard is that: run-offs for some; NO run-offs for others.

    Very good, Chastanet, what a fine leader you are!


  6. How can you all refuse a man who worked HARD for his constituency? Some people wanted change. Now they are stuck in hard times. Spider is the man to continue working for Gros Islet. He is our son of the soil. He has the constituency at heart. Please give him a chance to prove himself again. I applaud you Spider for representing us. Do not be discouraged. You are the MAN for Gros Islet!


    • People are right not to support him. This man is a snake in the party and Allen knows that and everyone elese in the party knows that. He has played the party on both sides. This man is all about himself. Who help to pin joke King in the arse for leadership and supports Allen and then turn back a year later and support Dr Prevail against Allen. Conducts pubic meetings on his own without the approval of party and tries to embarass his leader? I will find out but I suspect this PR is a Montoute thing. How comes the paty did not put out an official PR? I call on all true supporters of the party to stay far away from this man until the party has spoken. There is more than meets the eye.


  7. You guys can say whatever you like! But this man is a very helpful person in my experience. He had never heard of me, nor do I live in his constituency but he assisted me when I was going to pursue my MBA. I needed clearance from the govt for paperwork and he made sure it was done so that I could leave in a timely manner. I am forever grateful because he showed such a willingness to help.


  8. Wake up people. The spider need to go! mate lost an election and we never saw or heard from him again until now!! even prudent with his one man show -making more noise. u eh see his name alone he promoting...woyee. prudent not going to give up his US passport for ull.
    I eh care who they send, not another web of confusion. i might give emma another chance when kenny go.


  9. They kick thee man out he still wants to come back.To do what?These fellas are not tired their none-sense in this small country.You want to keep having people like they are mule's and fools Spider!Well,a long-nose giant rat will eat you.Then you'll put yourself in a corner.The more you all have money and women the more it continues to escalate.