GROPING ALLEGATIONS: Hotel employees complain about sexual harassment

GROPING ALLEGATIONS: Hotel employees complain about sexual harassment
When used in a sexual context, groping is touching or fondling another person in a sexual way using the hands; it generally has a negative connotation, and is considered sexual assault in many societies. (Wikipedia)
When used in a sexual context, groping is touching or fondling another person in a sexual way using the hands; it generally has a negative connotation, and is considered sexual assault in many societies. (Wikipedia)

Two employees of a well-known hotel in the northern region of the island have complained to St. Lucia News Online (SNO) about their employer’s alleged inaction against visitors who grope them on the job.

One of the employees said as recent as this week, a visitor squeezed her buttocks in the presence of his family, including his wife, and several co-workers.

The visitor was clearly drunk, she said.

“He arrived at the hotel with his wife and two young children. I greeted them and he hugged me, and squeezed my a***,” said the disappointed woman.

“I tried to push him off. He smelled of alcohol. I think he was drunk,” she noted.

The employee said she was embarrassed and the man’s wife looked equally shocked.

“I walked away in disgust. Next morning I made a report to my boss. He says ‘I’ll look into it’. He did not ask for the guest’s name, or room number or anything. I am yet to hear from him,” she complained.

She said this is not the first time visitors have groped or made sexual advances at staff, and nothing is done about it. She believes the employers are afraid of losing business at the expense of the staff’s diginity.

She said earlier this year, a front-desk staff was kissed on the lips by a male visitor and a complaint was made. The male visitor left without even being questioned.

Another employee of the same company, said she too was touched on her breast by a visitor who told her she has “fine breasts”.

“The man was stink of alcohol but I know he was aware of what he did,” she said.

She said if nothing is done about this coming week, she will lodge a complaint with the Labour Department and the government ministry.

Asked if male workers have complained about similar issues, she said: “Not that I am aware of. The men would never complain. A lot of them would entertain sexual advances from the females. I believe some of them sleep with the guests from time to time. They’re men. I am a woman. I look at it differently. I have a boyfriend and I am not desperate for sex or attention.”

SNO will continue to follow this story and will provide more information when it becomes available.


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  1. Good stance lady, let them know that not all St. Lucian women believe in compromising their integrity for a dirty dollar.


  2. This happens very often in the hospitality industry and some are worse than others. As to the case of the drunk foreigner I think an apology can suffice in that case because was lack of judgement on his part, the fact that his wife was shocked says this isn't normal behavior for him. I've never sexually assaulted a woman (happens the other way round at work) but I have done some stupid things when drunk. Would we even be hearing about this if he left a good tip and an apology?


  3. I would bitch slap his so hard he swear he was sober and it never happen. Again we let them get away with murder all the time, simply because they are WHITE,I probably would be sitting in jail all by now because the law would be against me for going crazy on him..


  4. I have never groped/indecently assault any woman in SAINT LUCIA.


    The Hotel management fail in their duties to protect the vulnerable ( who are our women) by reporting it and allow Investigators to find where the truth lies and take it further.

    I have been one of those who take full advantage of "Staycation" and have seen how hard those young women work and their ability to be attentive to you with a smile.
    So for some sick and perverted white man to be doing this to our women is not something i am willing to take lightly.

    It's a pity i don't know the young women who are victims to such. And perhaps the CRIMINAL has left the island back to the USA, CANADA OR THE UK.


  5. You need to look for another job. When you work in the tourism industry expect anything - thats what you signed up for. It's like working in a war zone and not expecting bullets or missles.

    This is hard to prove, do you have any evidence besides your word that this did happen - security camera footage, co-workers and other non-family guests present? That's what has to hold up in court.

    Thirdly, no hotel owner would toss out their guests for every complaint knowing that if they start turning away their guests it will be you and an entire staff of people including them going home - after having to deal with bad TripAdvisor, facebook, twitter reviews. Remember the hotel has bills to pay of which the most important are SALARIES.

    You always have the option of getting another job in another industry - perhaps a bank!


  6. No person, man or woman, should be subjected to such disrespect. Report to your superiors IN WRITING as well as verbally. Then they cannot ignore complaint. If they do, take it to the Labor Board. I work in a hotel, and my boss threw a guest out for insulting one of the workers here. No disrespect allowed.


  7. The guest is always right so they say in the hotel industry,and its high time this shit stops if it was me i would be fired cause i would not take that nonsense


  8. stop acting like yal doesn't allow them to do it, I've worked at a hotel and know of employees sleeping with guests for "riches"


    • For riches? Lmao
      Who are those guests that any hotels on island attract that are rich?
      You must be living in your own bubble.
      Or perhaps, you've never been around those people.
      Trust me when i say, you live better than alot of them.


  9. I'm sorry they had to experience this.
    Not only would I report them my employer, I'd make a police report. Being a visitor doesn't make you above the law. Too often do people (in this case- in authority) let things slide because of a dollar and not rocking the boat/ reputation.


  10. slap the pig a few times same spot on his face, screaming loudly, frantic and over-reacting... might have put some quick money in your pocket whether that visitor was black or white. Get a White lawyer on the phone the same night, call the police, get to Tapion for your insanity, cry your a** off And then the hotel will find out whose side to take. At this point it is probably too late to complain. Lesson is to deal with such right away ...


  11. Why are you making excuses for him stating he was drunk? Its my opinion he knew damn well what he was doing.Management was just say"you said he was drunk so i will excuse him or ask him to apologise."Next time give him a gwen babha.Lol