NDC: ‘Pierre’s first opportunity to lead SLP into victory’

NDC: ‘Pierre’s first opportunity to lead SLP into victory’
SLP leader as a young politician in 1992 (right) and a more recent pic of the opposition leader (left). Grenada's opposition party, the NDC, is calling for St. Lucians to rally around Pierre and the SLP
SLP leader Philip J. Pierre as a young politician in 1992 (right) and a more recent pic of the opposition leader (left). Grenada’s main opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC), is calling on St. Lucians to rally around Pierre and the SLP


Your sister party in Grenada, the National Democratic Congress, its Leadership and members extend fraternal greetings to Party Leader Hon. Phillip J. Pierre, the Executive Committee and the members of the St. Lucia Labour Party on the occasion of your Annual Conference of Delegates.

Your conference is a period when it is appropriate to reflect on the past few years in opposition while preparing to retain Governance in the next election. It is a time when the Party needs to be in the trenches with the people to prepare for the battle ahead.


The NDC urges on party faithful and indeed all the people of St. Lucia to stand with the SLP. It is the Party that defends the poor and vulnerable, and that will fight to bring equal opportunities for all St. Lucians. No other Party will do that for the people of St. Lucia. No other party will protect the patrimony and the natural environment of St. Lucia, as the SLP would. Your brothers and sisters in Grenada stand in solidarity with you as you prepare to take control of your destiny once more. We look with hope and anticipation for that day because when St. Lucia prospers, Grenada and the entire Caribbean can benefit.

Your SLP has a long and enviable history as one of the oldest parties in the Eastern Caribbean with a rich legacy of outstanding leaders, from George F. Charles to Dr. Kenny Anthony. You must draw on the strength of this legacy, get into campaign mode now, and labour in the trenches so that your great Party can once more assume the seat of government. There is no other way to save St. Lucia for St. Lucians.

We believe that this will be the first opportunity for Comrade Phillip J. Pierre to lead your Party into victory. He will need all your energies, love, and support. You will have to project a reliable, united, capable alternative that can take your country and the region to a higher level.

The NDC wishes you success in your deliberations today for a productive party conference.

Long may our fraternal bonds endure!
Forward Ever! Backward Newer!


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  1. Since Mr. F. L Charles left the leadership of this party, the SLP has always almost been a party whose outlook is less visionary and more mercenary.

    The midwife of all the idiocy that the SLP that produced, Rochamel of $48 million, the Black Bay $86 million giveaway, the egregious Grynberg loss of $150 million was who? Was who?

    If you sit there and allow the country to bleed so profusely and said absolutely nothing and now want to lead? Lead? Where were your leadership skills then? Where were they? Do Saint Lucians have short memories?

    Are Saint Lucians suckers for more SLP punishment?


  2. SLP is not electable in its current form. Every member of that party must be shown out of the door for sure in order to revive that party. it would take someone with guts and balls to kick out every single one of them and form a new party. Until that happens, SLP will be in opposition for several more decades.


  3. SLP 'defends' the poor and the poverty that it creates. Imagine that the best brains in the SLP could only perceive of institutionalized poverty by creating STEP.

    Anyone who defends such stupidness as enlightened economic policy is an miseducated smart ass.


  4. I guess you are left to deal with opposition issues for both St Lucia and Grenada. Thank you for your endorsement however I don’t think this is really what it is.. in their reign did they look out for the poor as you speak? Keep looking out for Grenada St Lucia is good here..


  5. The Saint Lucia Labour Party has a long history of keeping people in poverty, Giving hand outs, tax and spend, and corruption just like your party in grenada. birds of a bloody feather. Both you idiot parties will be in opposition for a while.


    • Oh Mike. So sad so sad. To hear you with venom say what deep down you do not believe is comparable to the crappie Donald Trump's is spewing out of his mouth
      Even sadder is that some people play dumb aND convince themselves that he is right.

      The SLP as the RECORDWILL show has helped bridge the gap between the wealthy ad the poor. Cry all u want it is factual

      And I guess that you are a huge supporter of DONALD Trump. Would bet on it.


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