Grenada to commemorate 40th anniversary of Revolution

Grenada to commemorate 40th anniversary of Revolution
Fidel Castro (left) and Maurice Bishop
Fidel Castro (left) and Maurice Bishop

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, Feb. 19, CMC – A group of professionals from various sectors who were youths when the People’s Revolutionary Government was in power, have formed a committee for the purpose of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the March 13th, 1979 historic revolution – the first in the Eastern Caribbean.

“We have to begin somewhere and not just institutional ad-hoc activities,” said Ruggles Ferguson who is the interim chairman of the Committee.

Over the years, several ad-hoc committees have organised activities in observance of March 13 – the day of the Grenada Revolution.

Maurice Bishop

Ferguson said that activities will focus on the internal and external challenges of the Revolution which collapsed on October 19, 1983 with the killing of Maurice Bishop, other Cabinet colleagues and members of the public, because of internal conflicts among high ranking officials of the Revolution.

“We will also speak about the positive effects it provided for the island. There were many positives about the many people-oriented programmes such as social programme. You had the Center for popular education that aimed to ensure that every single Grenadian respective of age could read and write,” said Ferguson who during the period of the Revolution was a member of staff at the Government Information Service (GIS).

Sharing more of the social programmes which had a positive impact on the society, Ferguson said that the Housing Repair Programme, the setting up of the national transportation system and development in the agro-industries were initiatives that had positive impacts throughout the island.

Scheduled to start on March 1, the activities will conclude on May 29 – tMaurice Bishop’s 75 birth date.

During the celebration period, the Committee also intends to organize public education sessions, health fairs, community work and cultural activities.

Ferguson said the key activities in March will include a calypso show branded Champs in Concert, the launch of a book on the Revolution and the Annual March 13 lecture to be delivered by former Prime Minister of St. Lucia Dr. Kenny Anthony .


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