Grenada revising laptop initiative for schools

Grenada revising laptop initiative for schools

(CMC) – The Grenada government says it has learnt from the mistakes made by other Caribbean countries in the implementation of laptops and tablet to students.

Education Minister Simon Stiell told the Senate during the debate on the EC$1.1 billion (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents) 2018 national budget that the Keith Mitchell government has been reviewing the

“Tablet for all initiative” that has been the subjection of opposition inspired criticism.

But Stiell told legislators that Grenada will not jump into the implementation of the programme, without first doing significant ground work.

“St Vincent (and the Grenadines) saw the errors of their ways, Trinidad (and Tobago) did, when they rushed out, provided everybody with a tablet then realised that without the correct training, without the correct environment it was just a waste of resource and had to recall,” said the Education Minister.

“There is a programme, EC$600,000 has been allocated to it in 2018 to upgrade and ensure that as many of our schools as possible have full broadband access etc, to be able to access those technologies,” he added.

He said in addition, over 100 teachers are being trained in information, communication and technology (ICT) to assist in the smooth transition of the program in schools.

“It’s no good swamping everybody with tablets and our teachers cannot teach or students cannot learn,” Stiell said, adding “ Mr President, in 2018 more efforts to ensure that more teachers are developing and delivering lessons with heavy emphasis on the use of ICT tools will be a main focus”.


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  1. Political gimmicks like the half----- laptop SLP programme, always ignore the key question. How to use the laptops at different levels of the school system to educate. To educate.

    Instead the laptops remain largely toys for kids. The kids use them largely for entertainment. The country then findf itself with a larger number students uneducated, because they waste their time with the overload of frivolous rubbish available on the internet. The politicians get their votes. They go on to corrupt the society even further. Far from a blessing, the SLP governments and its retards at the head of them have all been a curse.


  2. The fist stage of expanding the use of ICT is to make it accessible to those who can least afford. That said the programme had it flaws and clearly Saint Vincent's so called improvements are plasters on a huge open wound and speaks to a narrow vision.

    That said it is clear that the first two commenters do not read and have offered a simpleton's assessment to the problem.

    What is proposed above by the Government of SVG will offer no significant value over Saint Lucia's implementation so it is clear that they have learned nought.

    As usual Government's of the Caribbean surround themselves with people who pander to their views and who do not have the capacity or fortitude to challenge the thinking of the political directorate. The Caribbean stuck in a conundrum and this is aided by narrow thinking and an electorate who have not seen the value in learning or acquiring new knowledge. We are content to regurgitate drivel that is consistent with out political bias.

    Caribbean nations will continue to waste their dwindling resources until they hire the best minds for the job irrespective of political suasion.

    For this assignment the Government has been awarded an F for choosing the same path to failure albeit under the illusion of improvements.


  3. Why our prophetic past leader didn't see it fit to do something similar is still beyond me. But, oh wait! It was a campaign promise and surefire way of getting the votes he wanted to remain in power. Typical politicians. Smh


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