Grenada: GHTA signs MOU with College


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GHTA’s Russ Field and Fleming of TAMCC signing MOU

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, Mar 15, CMC – The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) that will allow the tourism industry adapt to the changes within the sector.

“Basically what we looking at is allowing the GHTA to have some influence on the sort of standard and influence we need in the industry and having a relationship between the two of us so we can discuss where the weaknesses are, where the strengthens are,” said Russ Fielden, GHTA board member, who is also a director on the Grenada Tourism Authority Board (GTAB).

Acting TAMCC Principal, David Fleming, told Thursday’ s signing ceremony “coming from this we expect the acquisition of knowledge that will transcend into the competences of our students to them becoming world-class hospitality and tourism workers that will fit the high end positions at hotels in Grenada and hotels throughout the region”.

Chairman of the TAMCC’s Hospitality and Tourism Department, Kirl Hoschtialek, described the MOU as a distinctive step to securing Grenada’s tourism economy.

“It is ensuring we have a defined road map planned, so we can collectively achieve the different deliverables that we need too,” she said.

According to the MOU, the GHTA will among other things expect to secure relevant support and approvals for the tourism and hospitality department and promote the programmes when speaking at student, community or industry events.

The Association will also Identify potential partners and offer recommendations for collaboration for the provision of applied learning experiences and research; provide guest lectures to students on topics of mutual interest, to assist with their readiness for employment in industry and Provide apprenticeships, internships and job placement opportunities.

The five-year MOU requires that the TAMCC invite the GHTA to designate representatives to serve on the Advisory Committee of the Tourism and Hospitality Department; seek guidance in the development and offering of new training programmes and Identify potential partners and offer recommendations for collaboration for the provision of applied learning experiences and research.

The College will also have to identify topics/areas of mutual interest and invite members to provide guest lectures, host site visits, and participate in other training initiatives to assist with students’ readiness for employment in industry.

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