Grenada eagerly awaits opening of Sandals

Grenada eagerly awaits opening of Sandals
Prime Minister Keith Mitchell
Prime Minister Keith Mitchell

Grenada’s Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has welcomed the commencement of construction on a Sandals multimillion dollar room expansion in the ‘spice isle’.

The newly elected Grenadian prime minister’s declaration comes after Sandals acquired the former La Source resort late last year.

According the Grenadian leader, the project has brought significant employment to his country’s ailing economy.

Some 200 people are currently employed by the Sandals La Source expansion, and is expected to increase to 400 employees as the project evolves. When completed the new Sandals La Source is expected to employ over 400 employees.

Mitchell said his understanding is that the rooms will be of a very high quality and will heighten Grenada’s tourism product.

Meanwhile, the island’s tourism minister Alexandra Otway-Noel has expressed great anticipation for the level of airlift Sandals will attract to Grenada. She believes the sandals investment will be a great benefit to the rest of the hotel sector in the spice isle.

But the government of Grenada is not the only ones welcoming the multimillion dollar investment. The country’s struggling construction industry is also upbeat about the Sandals investment there.

The Sandals expansion will increase the existing La Source resort from 100 to 231 rooms.

Sandals La source is expected to open in December of this year.


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