Grenada: 17-y-o appears in court in connection with death of 9-y-o girl

Grenada: 17-y-o appears in court in connection with death of 9-y-o girl

(GRENADA INFORMER) – Shouts of murderer, criminal, nastiness, look at the devil, among other cries of anger were all leveled against a seventeen-year-old Grand Anse resident, outside the St. George’s #2 Magistrate Court on Wednesday as he made his first court appearance on a charge of Capital Murder, linking him to the brutal murder of a nine-year-old primary school student of the same village last weekend.

According to information reaching the Grenada Informer, the young lady, a grade three student who attended one of the primary schools in the south of the island left school last Friday for her home but never made it to her final destination that evening. Her lifeless body was discovered the following day by a member of a search party that went in search of the missing child after word reached the village that she had not shown up at home.

Informer was told that when discovered, the body of young Ariel Bolah appeared to be battered, bruised and had sustained a couple of stab wounds.

This paper was also told that within hours after the young child’s body was discovered, a young man from the same area surrendered himself to the police with the intention of assisting with the investigation

The young man whose name was not disclosed by authorities given the fact he is being listed as a juvenile, appeared before Magistrate Taheria Gellineau at the St. Georges #2 Magistrate Court in handcuffs, under heavy police protection as crowds of curious onlookers braved the humid weather conditions to get a glimpse of the seventeen-year-old now slapped with one of the most heinous crimes to have taken place in Grenada in recent times.

Given the nature of the matter, members of the public including media personnel were denied access to the court, nevertheless, sources told this newspaper that the seventeen-year-old was not legally represented in court on Wednesday. He was however remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison and is due to make a second court appearance on December 12th, when hopefully we were told; the preliminary inquiry into the matter is likely to commence.

The young man has been charged with Capital Murder, it, therefore, means that he faces the maximum penalty of death by hanging if found guilty.

Meanwhile, as the family of the victim, the community of Calliste in Grand Anse and Grenada try to come to grips with the gravity of the situation and the motive behind someone raping and killing a nine-year-old child, a number of individuals and organizations have been speaking out and voicing their concerns.

In fact, a number of people outside the magistrate court on Wednesday called for the resumption of hanging as a deterrent to what is being viewed as an upsurge in violence against minors.

One young lady who chose not to disclose her name went on to lambaste the police for seemingly protecting the young man from the public. Her words, “this is unfair, he is a criminal, why all you hiding him, bring him out let we see, if he was charged with weed all you was going to pass him let everybody see.”

Another accused the police of taking sides and not doing sufficient to protect the public. Grenadians she said should be allowed to see who the criminals are around them and therefore shielding them would not serve any good.

The death of nine-year-old Bolah has been condemned as a barbaric act in many circles throughout Grenada, and as the nation embarks on a healing process many are calling for an amendment to the law to deal criminal offenders against children.

Nine-year-old Bolah, however, is not the only young lady of school age to have suffered a similar fate, in March of 2016 Mardigras resident Britney Baptiste also lost her life under similar circumstances. Her body was discovered in a shallow grave in the village. A preliminary inquiry into that matter is yet to be completed.

One gentleman speaking to the Fearless Weekly outside the St George’s Magistrate Court on Wednesday said that amidst all the talk, greater attention must be given to the homes from which these alleged offenders come if we are to get to the root cause of the problem.

Meanwhile, how many witnesses are likely to be called by the prosecution during the preliminary stages of this matter has not been disclosed; however, sources said the prosecution led by Director of Public Prosecution Christopher Nelson is hoping to call a number of witnesses including another school child to prove their case against the seventeen-year-old.



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  1. I find if this boy should get death penalty for raping and killing a 9 year old then others who raped teens and kill them should be hanged too,not cuz Bola was a child mean he alone should be killed,wether child,teen woman, once such a crime was done that criminal should be hanged,am I wrong?,further more I wonder why that guy would be so heartless and evil,I hope he know God see's everything...


  2. well good for you carribean island people. you at least quickly catch your crooks. here in usa many get off LIGHT regardless of how many or even HOW they kill people


  3. Can u imagine! Since this tragedy my 9yr old sister takes a bus to school and back and the school is within walking distance from our house! She's terrified to leave the house! This is what our Grenada has come too?


  4. St.Lucia take a page from Grenada's Criminal System. No 4ing around capital murder means capital murder and no bail,what say you St.Lucia let's see what will happen to Saadia Byron case we watching you all every move because I know by the end of November it will be swept under the rug as usual. Remember Crystal St Omer, Verlinda Joseph Valerie Lorde and the list goes on too long to type.


  5. Saint Lucia take note, see how they put hand cuffs on criminals.

    Treat criminals like criminals and hand cuff the fellas, you all playing around dragging criminals by their pants or walking behind them with no cuffs.

    Act professionally and hand cuff these bastards once they break the law.


  6. Have no mercy on him....he had no mercy on this poor child. He battered and bruised her, he raped her, he stabbed her. Poor child had a horrible death, knowing that no one was coming to save her, that she was too small to fight back. Poor child. I am a mother and I can feel that pain that mother must feel knowing her baby lost her life in such a violent way. This young BEAST needs to be dealt the same hand he dealt the child. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Even if they dress him in Sheep clothing to appear in court he is a DIRTY WORTHLESS WOLF. Slay him.


  7. You mean someone brought shirt and pants with a tie for this wicked man. I hope an example is set and he gets the death penalty. No excuse for this, you did too much to the child. No mercy for you.


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