Grandmother threatens jungle justice after alleged sexual assault on grandson

Grandmother threatens jungle justice after alleged sexual assault on grandson

(SNO) — A grandmother from the south of the island is threatening to take matters into her own hands and seek her own type of justice after she alleged that her 14-year-old grandson was sexually assaulted by a man that is well known to her.

MBC Prime reported that the incident took place on Monday.

The television network said the matter began after the grandmother sent her son on some errands with the man.

The two left on a vehicle but upon his return, the grandmother noticed that he was not behaving in the usual manner.

It was then he confided in her what actually took place.

“He tell me when the man reached up there, the man tell him if he love him,” she explained. “He tell me, he tell the man yes because you are my grandmother’s friend and so I love you as a friend.”

The grandmother went on to say the man explained he had an erection already and where they should “meet to do something”.

The boy himself told MBC what happened, mirroring exactly what the grandmother revealed.

“She asked the man to give me a ride to go uptown so I could buy some oil for her,” he said. “So while we were coming back, he stopped the vehicle for a moment. He said, ‘tell me, be honest with me, you like me?’ So I say, ‘you are my grandmother’s friend, as a friend’. So he said,’ just say yes’.”

The alleged suspect then made plans for them to meet at the beach but the teenager turned down the request, according to the grandmother.

She said she has not reported the matter to the police since the teenager was allegedly molested at 11 by an individual from the community but the perpetrator remains free.

Now facing this latest episode the grandmother wants to mete out her own form of justice.

“If I tell you how I feel, you don’t even know,” she told MBC. “What I feel, as he comes there, as he appears in the door there, just take my cutlass and chop his thing because he has to come here. The first thing, it’s taking too long, the first one is taking too long. The second one, I want to take the law by my own self.”


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  1. and they want to promote bullar and lesbian laws here. MORE FAYAH Boom Bye Bye for that man that molest that little boy yow


  2. She did say that she has not made the report yes, but, she also did say that is because they (the police) have been very slow in addressing a previous report of another assault on the same child.


  3. Mama chop that ting off...That big bullar doesn't have good use for his wood.Useless and worthless individual


  4. People read carefully before making useless comments. She has not reported anything to the police. Granny you wrong. Should report that once you hear it. In my opinion males need to be better protected in our society.


  5. Grandma if you are certain what you are saying is true I beg of you please make an example out of that knee grow. Please break his back confuse his spinal cord so he can never get an erection again to continue molesting our young children. That monster deserve being in a wheel chair for the rest of his life where he can sit and think of the damage he inflict on the little ones. The police is useless there is no need for report cripple all the molesters.


    • The whole affair must be baffling to this child. He is fortunate that he can confine in an adult to get some perspective on acceptable adult behaviour. Firstly, he is a minor and this man’s attempt to induct him into sexuality is wrong and his grandmother must address this legally. She will be empowering her grandson by upholding his rights. In a society where children’s rights are not upheld, many children run the gauntlet of predatory adults whilst growing up.


  6. People don't feel safe in this country. Vigilante justice is the result of the lack of law enforcement.


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