Granddaughter of Bob Marley joins forces with Carla St. Romain to end poverty

Granddaughter of Bob Marley joins forces with Carla St. Romain to end poverty
Local icon Carla St. Romain (R)  who lives in Brooklyn, NY (R) runs a Feed the Poor Programme there. She is seen here with Donisha Prendergast,

No stranger to the public eye is Donisha Prendergast, granddaughter of the late Robert ‘Bob’ Marley and ambassador to “Feed The Poor Nationwide,” which was founded by St. Lucian native Carla St. Romain, who is also known as Dawta Maolee joins forces to put an end to poverty around the world.

On Sunday April 20, 2014 Donisha and Carla along with family and friends set out on a beautiful day to keep the hope and dream alive for many of the homeless people who needed to be feed. For some it was a day that will go down in the history books while many others saw it as a blessing and privilege to spend time and converse with the two empresses.

Setting aside pride and working towards something meaningful and great, the two took pleasure in handing over meals to the less fortunate ensuring that everyone felt welcome. It’s pointless to have it all and not give back to the ones who are in need of it.  A little can go long way and for those homeless folks, what they received was more than they could have ever hoped for.

Many see homelessness as a disease and often refrain from interacting with people who are. This is sad, for no one knows what tomorrow brings or what the future holds. The wealthiest man today can be a beggar tomorrow all because of the unexpected curve balls that life throws our way. It’s important that we give a hand while we can and when we can, for the life you save today maybe the hands that picks you up from the dirty and give you the hope you need for tomorrow.

There are over 100 million people who are homeless and the numbers are only going to increase if nothing is done to end poverty. One person can stand and become the voice of poverty but the impact and change would be much greater if 20 or more people were to join in the fight and help put an end to this disease claiming the lives of our brothers and sisters.

St. Romain’s Feed the Poor Programme.

Carla and Donisha finds joy in doing the work that Jah has called on them to do and it’s in seeing the smile on the faces of the less fortunate that becomes infectious and in turn bring forth the smile on their beautiful faces. They find fulfillment in knowing that with each new day they are one step closer in achieving their dreams and putting an end to poverty.

It is said that one has not enjoyed all the pleasures of life or achieve all there is to in life unless they have impacted someone else’s life in a positive manner. We all have an opportunity to change a life, give hope and be part of something great by joining in the fight to end “Poverty.” We can make it work, all we got to do is come together and make it work.

Carla is seeking interested people all over the world to join in the fight to end poverty. To follow her work and stay up to date with her progress, you can like and share her Facebook page

The author of this article, St. Lucian Titoya Savery, has a blog – Mind Adventure, which can be accessed here.


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  1. Son of Helen you must have some kind of guilt bothering you for not playing your part.SHE REMINDS YOU OF WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE or are you a friend of hers on facebook disguising yourself .No matter what one does will never be enough for people like you.SIDDUNG!! Its a global village be it st lucia or otherwise.ANUS!!


  2. You are doing such a great job carla and donisha, you both inspire me, carla being a st lucian I am very much proud of you, continue making a difference. One love


  3. No matter where she's does what she is doing be proud that she is doing something meaningful. Some folks are just too quick to see the negative in everything.
    Son of Helen, why don't you join in and be the one to make a difference in St.Lucia so that others can follow?


  4. Is she one of those who left and forgot where she/he came from? Is she involved in eradicating poverty in Saint Lucia? If not, then we don't want to hear about her. Let her do what she does, where she's doing it.


    • son of helen if you read correctly you will see she is doing it worldwide. in december she fed 500 people in st lucia. stop being so fast


  5. May da good lord be with u 2 in time to come...yall are doin such a great job........blessin to my sistern carla st.romain


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