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Grand Riviere man gets $5,000 bail for possession of pistol and ammunition

By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online staff reporter/editor

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A .380 pistol

A male resident of Grand Riviere, Gros islet was granted bail in the sum of $5,000 cash or suitable surety when he appeared in the First District Court on firearm-related charges, police said in a news release on Monday.

Michael Phillip Laurent, 30, was on Friday, May 3 charged with the possession of a firearm and ammunition without a valid license, police said.

Laurent is expected to return to court on Wednesday, June 12, 2019.

He was caught with a .380 pistol and 10 rounds of ammunition on Wednesday, May 1, around 9 p.m., when officers from the Gros Islet Police Station searched him, according to law enforcement sources.

Reports are that Laurent was searched after police responded to a shooting in Grand Riviere, Gros Islet on Wednesday, May 1, which left one male individual nursing a gunshot wound to the leg.

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  1. People still don't understand that bail is not a charge. Bail must be set at an amount that the accused can afford. Bail is to secure your appearance at your trial and everyone deserves bail unless some compelling reason can be presented to the court to deny that person bail. Evidence must show that the person is a danger to society or himself. Just having a gun does not mean you are a danger because the same can be said for licensed gun owners. Guns are permitted by license, therefore it is not a moral wrong to own one. However, killing somebody is a moral wrong and is punishable under common law. Government issue licenses to citizens to permit them certain things, therefore it cannot contradict common law when somebody is caught not operating under license. The whole premise of inventing laws was to remedy moral wrongs committed against one another so possession of something e.g. drugs cannot fall into that category. Though we know of the harm these things can inflict we should be aware that law requires both a criminal act to be performed and a criminal mind in order to be prosecuted under the criminal code. In the UK there is an offensive weapons act which suggest that things such as guns can be used offensively against the person. I am not sure this is the case with our laws where we have a firearms act where essentially treated as a "thing" requiring a license. Although it contains such provisions winch speaks to injuring with firearm and not discharging in public, its nature is not offensive therefore not wrong. even the possession of dogs are offensive in the UK which prompted the passage of a dangerous dog act.

  2. We are all the queen's slaves, her oppressive laws still protect the criminals and puts the law abiding citizens in vulnerable positions. Us slaves in the colonies cannot defend our selves and assets. God bless America the true land of the free where the constitution allows real rights and protection.

  3. Of course charge him five thousand dollars so the message is loud and clear we don't want to stop the guns. Why not set bail st 100 thousand and see who's brace enough to have unlicensed guns

  4. Oh dear another coward with a gun, $5000 is not enough, he should have been given a lot more than that or be kept locked up, that is a potential murderer walking our streets.


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