Gov’t will do its best to fix CCTV cameras – Security Minister

Gov’t will do its best to fix CCTV cameras – Security Minister


National Security Minister Victor Lacobiniere said that his ministry has placed a request with the Ministry of Finance for financial support to assist with fixing the failing CCTV system.

Lacobiniere has described the system as a “bad investment” and said that his office continues to receive reports of these cameras going down in various parts of the city.

The US$3 million investment made by the then Stephenson King administration is aimed at fighting crime, which Lacobiniere admits has and may continue to be a major help for police.

“We have asked the Ministry of Finance to give us an allocation to give us an opportunity to treat this in a more comprehensive way because the camera system is going down as much as we do to keep it up. We are aware that there are significant problems with that system,” he explained.

The minister remains hopeful that the request will be met, but noted that the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Kenny Anthony will have to decide whether it is necessary to invest in this area at this point.

“The Prime Minister has to prioritize in so many fronts. It’s too early to indicate whether we have got or will get this amount. The Prime Minister at the appropriate time will make these announcements,” he added.

Lacobiniere said if that request fails, his ministry will continue to take short term measures to keep the system afloat.


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  1. All i can say is lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol.

    These guys are complete comedians, with the public being their audience. What record does any of these ministers have showing that they have actually tackled any of the problems that we had and continue to experience. If the cameras were not working before La Corbs came, up till now they are still not functional and may not be when La Corbs leaves office. So tell me what is or what was La Corbs value to our nation? Maybe making his position know in never allowing marijuana decriminalization or investment to see the light of day may be his strongest statement or whole agenda, We could never know. However he keeps mute on the Justice system, Forensic lab which is essential to controlling and dealing with crime. This is in keeping with the PMs statement about the number of qualified morons who lack leadership in the service. Who knows, he May have been referring to himself and others since all leadership or lack thereof stems from them.


  2. A dedicated telecommunications network for the Police complete with police walkie-talkies and repeaters will go a long way in fighting crime.


  3. The quality of the infrastructure and cameras used on this project was sub par. I work in the CCTV sector and have cameras which are 10 years old (I have new 1s too) and they are still going strong. It was a bad investment as in the equipment installed and who was selected to the job. The CCTV as a tool is a great help to the police but if your equipment is not meeting your needs and you spend 3 mil then that was a bad investment.


  4. The Minister of Excuses says the cameras ids abad investment and then he says it is a major help for the police. So whch is it? Like everything in his minsitry has collapsed. Has he fixed the crime lab yet?
    Ha she fixed the courts yet? No DPP. No commissioner of Police. This guy is a farce on the treasury. Getting paid to only deliver excuses


  5. This guy is a waste of space. He talks from every corner of his mouth. He said his ministry was gettng these cameras fix withing a month, when the month was ip he gave another and now he is giving another. He needa to do his job and stop involving himself in the running of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.
    Two of the worse ministers to run this ministry awo this idiot at number one and number two is Guy Mayers.


  6. Oh LaCorbs! "The US$3 million investment made by the then Stephenson King administration is aimed at fighting crime, which Lacobiniere admits has and may continue to be a major help for police." Yet you describe them as a “bad investment” without saying why they are a bad investment. Have you performed regular preventive maintenance on these systems? In the previous outages which you took so long to fix, are these the same problems you have now? These cameras have now been in operation for more than 5 years, maybe almost 8. Did you expect them to last forever? Come out and tell us what the problem is with them necessitating the drastic repairs to the system which you allude.


  7. They should try their best to replace the security minister first and i am certain matters will be fixed other than the cameras.


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