SLP wants govt to explain why CDB projects were stopped

SLP wants govt to explain why CDB projects were stopped


PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party notes that whilst WASCO has denied that the water projects in Dennery North and Vieux Fort were stopped, the Permanent Secretary in the Department of Economic Development has confirmed that they were stopped for review. It is clear that not even WASCO was aware of the actions of Hon. Guy Joseph.

Therefore the Saint Lucia Labour Party insists that the Government of Saint Lucia should explain what issues it has with the implementation arrangements for the Vieux Fort Water Supply and Dennery North Water Supply that required that that process be stopped.

The SLP points out that the implementation processes received the approval from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB); European Investment Bank (EIB); the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the Mexican Government and in the case of the Dennery North Water Supply Project would be supervised by the United Nations Office for Project Services. Therefore what was wrong with the projects and the implementation processes?

The Labour Party insists that if the Government fails to provide a satisfactory answer then it must be seen that these actions are vindictive and cruel and is punishment for these communities for voting for the Opposition in the last elections.

This suspicion is reinforced given that a housing project in Forestiere started by the Saint Lucia Labour Party Government was not stopped. Ground-breaking took place earlier this week (Forestiere is in the constituency of Hon Guy Joseph).

The Saint Lucia Labour Party notes the tendency of the United Workers Party Government to target Opposition Parliamentarians and the constituencies that they represent for acts of exclusion and victimisation.


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  1. That was expected Pip, but the sad thing about all this is that some of the people are encouraging and endorsing that kind of behavior. If this goes on for another 100 days..................What sweet in goat mouth
    real sour in he am am



  2. for five years the labour party has only met the needs of their supporters therefore i agree to the UWP making their supporters priority ! The project however should not have been stopped if the entire countries well being is to be considered. This is a game! and we the people are paying for it significantly !


  3. All responsible managers when they take over an existing project or business need to review details to staunch any flow or hemorrhaging of money. IT IS NORMAL PRACTICE TO HAVE THE SUBORDINATES PASS UP ... PASS UP, THE PAPERWORK SO THAT THEY CAN BE INSPECTED.

    That is what effective and efficient managers do. Now that will go right over the heads of those who not the first thing about management.

    Trust but verify.

    That is why the SLP budget handed over, since UWP has had little to verify that the figures are proper, should put in place a mini budget in October OF ITS OWN. Such is called a rolling budget.

    If not, the UWP will continue be out there groping in the dark. UWP is not in control until it does this much. The incumbent government handed to it a large number of people padded on the payrolls may well be sitting on a can of worms.


    • Excuses, excusess, excuses.....this was not what they were saying when campaigning. You seem to forget, selective memory I suspect. Better governance, government for all, inclusive. But we see quite the opposite... Five to stay alive ....what a farse, not even close on delivering. We were conned again.... Just like the last group. Keep hoping, these guys are desperate and unfortunately Hellen and its people will bear the brunt of their hasty decisions. No idea what they are sardines in a boat flapping around hoping that their next landing spot is not their last.


  4. Please SLP, give St Lucians a break. You are not fit to talk on our behalf as opposition. You just talk crap. let the government do our work. Precautionary measure, this is what the government is taking because you were not trustworthy. We do not want the government to response. We have confidence in them.


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