Gov’t to weigh raising bus fares

Gov’t to weigh raising bus fares
Transport Minister Guy Joseph (left) and NCOPT President Godfrey Ferdinand.
Transport Minister Guy Joseph (left) and NCOPT President Godfrey Ferdinand.

(SNO) — Saint Lucians could be digging deeper into their pockets for bus fares soon as the government will consider whether they will be raised.

The Allen Chastenet-led cabinet has ordered the Road Transport Board to review bus fares on the island, HTS News has reported.

The disclosure was made in a letter to President of the National Council on Public Transport Godfrey Ferdinand.

“Cabinet further agreed that the Road Transport Board shall review bus fares, to determine whether the bus fare increase recommended in 2013 are adequate and examine and recommend necessary reforms to the section,” the letter written by Lenita Joseph, chief transport officer said.

Ferdinand said over the past 10 years there has been no increase in bus fares in Saint Lucia.

“So, we are looking at an increase in the bus fare,” he told HTS.

A report from the Road Transport Board on the bus fare increase is expected to be submitted to Cabinet in the coming weeks.

Guy Joseph is the minister in charge of transport.


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  1. image sitting on a bus for more than half hour before it full ,sometimes an hour .this is an indication that there's no work no money,so before thinking of increasing the bus fares check into that


  2. some parts in lucia the drivers raising the bus fare every week unknowingly to the government, and nothing is being done. No problem in raising the fares but it has to be reviewed thoroughly.


  3. We hope two thing happen before bus fares are increased. (1) increase in wages and salaries, (2) decrease in comody prices. There is no respite for the malayway!


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