Gov’t to receive preliminary report of St Jude’s technical audit soon

Gov’t to receive preliminary report of St Jude’s technical audit soon
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph has hinted that based on information obtained from a preliminary report of the technical audit at St Jude Hospital, things may be worst than expected.

“The technical audit is very revealing from the information we have received,” Joseph said, while explaining that the preliminary report will be handed over in full to government next week.

However, the minister did not divulge any further details about the audit and is firm on his position not to name the company or individuals who were hired to conduct the technical audit.

“I have said that I am not dealing with anything as it relates to names. I am not calling the names of the previous contractors, consultants. And I have not called the name of the project manager,” he stated.

Nevertheless, Joseph said once the report is made available, everyone will have the opportunity to scrutinize what is happening with the construction of the St Jude Hospital.

He said, “I have been very open about everything that we are doing in government in terms of my ministry; what we inherited and what we are dealing with.”

The economic development minister said while many people have been making several comments about the audit, he maintains that it is something that was required given the many issues surrounding the hospital’s construction.

“So at the end of the day, should I as minister just inherit that project and carry on with it as if everything is okay? It’s not. So on that basis, we needed a technical audit.”

Some $95 million has already been spent on the project, which should have cost some $50 million instead. The new administration claims that another $50 million may be required to finish the hospital.

Initially, Joseph had said that the technical audit would have cost the government $800,000, but this cost may have increased due to additional components.

Construction at St Jude was suspended in July to facilitate the technical audit.

The government said the Kenny Anthony administration only provided so-called completion dates because of political expediency and was fully aware that the hospital could not be completed anytime soon.

Citizens in communities from the South have been inconvenienced and do not have access to the minimum standard of health care because of several deficiencies at the makeshift hospital at the stadium in Vieux Fort.


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  1. Isn't there an Audit Department in St. Lucia? Is this department not capable of undertaking this technical audit? Why spend so much money to conduct a useless audit, because I am sure nothing meaningful will be gained when the results come out. Will there be any action? Will anyone be held accountable? I'm guessing not.

    I think what this government needs to do is to create ways to monitor its's spending instead of wasting thousands of tax - payers money on useless audits and inquiries. There is a lot of work to be done in this country and I hope this administration has the ability to offer a progressive vision and a realistic action plan for St. Lucia.


  2. I am sure we all remember the Juffali affair. The problem with Juffali for UWP was that he was appointed secretly and he was not qualified to fill the position for which he was employed. Fast-forward to today: the sheer hypocritical behaviour displayed by UWP is so glaring its blinding. Here we have a minister telling the nation blatantly he will not tell who the auditors are on top of the big crime of not telling us how he went about selecting them to do the job. Therefore up to now the nation don't even know for sure if an audit has been done or is being done. I think the GUY JOSEPH should be made to answer for the lack of transparency in his works.


  3. i disagree with most of this comment. put the point weh it suppose to be, we need the audit to be done to continue the project, will you go foward with contractors that stealing from you. and need to review all their contract and what was suppose to be done with the money they received. put the shoe on the other foot if you are building a house and you gave your contractor money to accomplish something when you go on site the work is not done and all the money is done what would you do. just give jack his jacket. and the name of the people doing the audit cannot be public as yet if the audit isnt over. be parient and wait until its done and st lucians will know what is going. and stop being color blind.


  4. GUY YOU ARE SO SMART...You are lighting a $100 bill to look for 10 lucia will always stay back as long as some ministers thinks so small and foolish...MAY I ASK WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME???


  5. What a waste of a million dollars in an Audit. Is that prudent management ? Will a politician spent almost Million from his business to do an Audit? These Jokers do not give a damn because the money is not coming from their pockets. Wait IMF will put a stop to these nonsense.


  6. That is why I have difficulty in showing politicians respect. This Guy refuses to name an auditor. I have a feeling that the auditor is not qualified to undertake this audit....maybe it is the WICB ( just saying) that is conducting it! Maybe the auditors are the arch nemesis of the former consultants .

    My point is this narcissistic & egotistical manner in conducting the affairs of a democratic country has to end. Wake up St.lucians! WE NEED TO KNOW!


  7. How could You claim to be open and transparent and not name the audit firm that is being paid 800,000 plus thousand dollars in whatever currency. The people demand to know the details.


  8. Guy you're just being malicious as well . I believe you more want to lash out after the former administration rather than getting the work done . It is our right to know everything that is happening with this hospital down to the security's name if the public ask . you show no form of transparency but an illusion of it . it is high time the people of vieux fort protest and demand what is rightfully theirs . there is too much drama in this and we the people need more action than just talk and pointing fingers .


    • I totally agree with you Guy isn't very smart after all why would you stop the project just to have an audit, this hospital should be finished and provide the information so the public can get all the facts.


    • It's only now you want action and to protest? Do you know how long this has been going on for and I didn't hear any calls to protest before.


  9. I fully support the audit. If improprieties are found, please hold those responsible very accountable. Burdening tax payers will an additional 45 million dollars for a hospital they must pay to use is not right.


    • Yes we all support the audit but I wouldn't stop the construction of the project just for an audit, don't you think its time we st lucians get a proper hospital over due or not it has to be completed


      • To carry out an audit is the most prudent and professional action in such a circumstance and you cant carry out an effective audit on an on going project. It would be like chasing a moving target. AN AUDIT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. whether or not it is worth $800.000 that another story. Time will tell and accountability MUST prevail.


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