Gov’t to pour more resources into judicial system

Gov’t to pour more resources into judicial system


In an effort to help reduce the high incidence of crime on Saint Lucia, the government plans to place more resources towards helping to improve the current judicial system.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet said his administration will see to it that more judges and legal support staff are hired this year, in order to make the judicial system stronger and effective.

This announcement was made on Thursday evening during a live press conference.

“I long believe that tackling crime and making sure that there are convictions. I think criminals must know and understand and appreciate, when you do commit a crime, that the judicial system is going to move very swiftly to be able to convict you, and that there is a penalty for crime,” Chastanet stated.

The government, he said, has taken note of the escalating trend, while admitting that the crime level is unacceptable. He said government also understand the grievances many Saint Lucian families face daily.

“We are never going to take our eye off the ball. Unfortunately, this is going to require the effort from all of us…We have to get to the point where we are ashamed and embarrassed by crime itself,” he added.

On that note, Chastanet said he is not convinced that poverty contributes to crime.

“Saints Lucians need to see criminals as people affecting our society. We should not be protecting them,” he asserted.

The prime minister also believes that the solution to reducing crime requires social change.

“So we have to do more work in our schools, our communities. And we have to get policemen more willing to not only arrest people, but be part of the process of preventing crime from taking place.”

Addressing concerns about crime particularly at tourists sites, Chastanet said an audit is currently underway to determine the shortfalls and this will help to determine where more security is needed.

The government is also looking at the gaps that exists in the current CCTV system, in order to improve this.


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  1. Chastanet operates in dictatorial style! He speaks and everyone listens. He leads and everyone follows. In any case these are just cosmetics. Its a vail over our eyes design to make us believe he is tackling the causes of crime. Chastanet have to go


  2. That is all well and good. But it seems to escape the small-minded grown-up children in government nowadays that prevention is better than cure.

    The judiciary does not stop crimes. Crime prevention stops crime. Show some darn maturity.

    Stop behaving like the SLP. For Christ sake, show some difference. So much is at stake. Do both.

    Do crime prevention to reduce the numbers winding up in the catchment of untried and non-prosecuted cases. Enable the judiciary with resources to bring down the numbers in the reservoir of recidivists terrorizing law-abidding citizens.


  3. Mr Chastenet who is conducting your audits? Are you reaching out to the layman for suggestions or is someone just making those decisions from an isolated office space.
    While I commend your effort, It is time that we look to the public for help in crime fighting strategies or else they will not work.


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