Gov’t to open more ICT centres

Gov’t to open more ICT centres


Saint Lucia is not being left out of the fast developing Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector, says Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, who revealed several plans for this sector in 2016.

Dr. Anthony said that government will take its Community ICT Access program to an entirely different level and in the next three months, new Community ICT Access Centres will be opened.

The communities of Micoud, Vieux Fort, Anse La Raye, Canaries, La Ressource will all have new ICT centres, which will be equipped with state-of-the-art computers, printers, projectors, and electronic whiteboards.

“Equally importantly, they will all have free WiFi and will serve as WiFi hot spots for the immediate community in which they are located,” the Prime Minister added.

Further, Dr. Anthony said by the end of 2016, the government will convert existing community centres into modern and fully-equipped Community ICT Access Centres.

Communities to benefit include: Monchy, Gros Islet; Garand in Babonneau; Faux A Chaud, Entrepot and Marchand in Castries; Belmont and Grande Riviere in Dennery North; Dennery Village; Grace and Belle Vue in Vieux Fort North; the village of Laborie; Darban, Mongouge, Lamaze and Saltibus in Choiseul; and Jacmel.

“Like the previous Centres opened earlier in the year, all of these new ICT Centres will have free WiFi available to their users and residents in the immediate vicinity,” it was explained.

The Prime Minister said while there are other interesting developments planned for this year in the ICT sector, the last exciting one is the “Map Saint Lucia Project”, which is the brainchild of Minister James Fletcher.

“It involves using cell phones and tablets to digitally map the location of all streets, bridges, schools, health centres, churches, community centres, libraries, playing fields, banks, hotels, restaurants, emergency shelters, in fact every important national asset in our country,” he explained.

By the end of this year, the government wants to have a comprehensive digital map of Saint Lucia, with GPS locations of every place of national interest in our country.

The project will hopefully generate information that young Saint Lucian entrepreneurs can use to create mobile applications that will be valuable to Saint Lucians and visitors.


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  1. Yeah this is very good. But there are simple and cheaper relavant projects that should have taken place fifteen years ago. The Minister of tourism is boasting of record tourist or cruise ship arrival. Very good but a tourist cannot find his way in the country because there are no signs to indicate your destination. In order words no road sign. No sign to indicate that u approaching a community,village or Town. Why one of your minister cannot be a brainwash of this.


  2. How ridiculous is this shallow ad hollow show-off performance? ICT centres? The SOUFRIERE Library serving a major town and thousands of people has been in a dilapidated state for almost twenty years with no computers, out-dated books, broken windows and tiles and limited space. Now who's fooling who? Mr. PM, these are the things that matter. But then again, Children don't vote today, they are only the leaders of tomorrow??? vision-less


    • San Hont!! Are referring to the Twianese computers that were paid for and has not been received to date?


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