Gov’t to make short-term employment available for the youth this Christmas

Gov’t to make short-term employment available for the youth this Christmas
Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute
Minister Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute

The government’s Short Term Employment Programme (STEP) will be re-instituted for the upcoming Christmas season, Minister for Equity and Social Justice Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute has announced.

At a press conference on November 16, 2017, Montoute said the temporary programme is by no means a viable employment option for the youth but will help with some of their expenses for the festive season.

“That is temporary… a social programme that is used as a stop [or] a gap measure to facilitate people. There are times when you need an extra injection of cash for example, the reopening of school. Even some parents who work…but their wages are menial, they are very low [they] need that little extra bit of cash to top up and so on [so] that facilitates them. But when we talk about economic activity…[and] job creation, I am certainly not thinking of those short-term jobs that are in effect, dead-end jobs,” he said.

“That’s not the kind of jobs that you want for your young people…You want jobs where they can grow. You want a job where they’ll be in a position to qualify for a loan and get hire purchase and so on. And that they can develop themselves and own property, [as an example]. I mean, the STEP programme certainly will not provide that and so when we talk about the STEP programme it’s not to say as if it should not exist, but my position is that, that should not be the start and end of what we do to provide opportunities for our young people.”

Montoute said that government is also gearing up to launch its Constituency Development Program (CDP) soon.

“That is funded by the Taiwanese government and so that in itself will provide an injection of much needed cash in our economy, and I am sure that that will go a long way in ensuring that in a community level we have more people who will have a good Christmas,” he said.

STEP was established in 1997 by the Saint Lucia Labour Party.


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  1. Merry Christmas here is a bone to you folks at the bottom of the scale, we did promise to put you on the road to prosperity. It may not be able to buy a whole chicken, but it can buy the back.


  2. The same government who was displeased with step bringing it back . I have seen no growth or new ideas unfer the Chastanet administration. UWP needs ro come up with new and fresh ideas


    • New Testament Verse of the Day:

      "For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost."
      – Luke 19: 10


  3. Didn't you'll give this programme so much flack. This is proof that neither of these parties have any sort of clue of how to fix this economy or this country's problems. When you see the ship sinking time to bail.


  4. After you all curse step so much you all bringing it back. Eh bien. I waiting for comments from party hacks to justify what they cursed.


    • they did not curse step on the whole what they disliked about it was the type of work people had to do example cleaning bush by the road and so forth. as he said in his speech do you think that can make you qualify for a loan and also make you grow as a person to develop your self and own property. the whole mindset is giving you a job where you can become a better person certainly cutting bush by the road wont do that.


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