Gov’t to make housing affordable in Castries Central

Gov’t to make housing affordable in Castries Central
Stanley Felix
Stanley Felix
Stanley Felix

Housing Minister Stanley Felix announced on Friday that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government will make housing affordable for persons in Castries Central.

The minister told supporters of the SLP at a public meeting held on Friday at Market Steps that residents from Morne Du Don to New Village, will benefit from a new housing initiative.

Felix, who was endorsed to run for the Castries Central seat again at the next general election, said the government has acquired large pieces of land spanning three Castries Central communities.

“Every single homeowner, can own a piece of land. The land they have lived on for generations. No more will you be required to pay a monthly rent for the places you live on,” he stated.

But the initiative is likely to expand to include La Panse, Felix added.

“This government, a caring government, felt that it was necessary to give you that land or to sell you that land, at a rate that you can afford. And that is why the cabinet of ministers, has taken the decision to offer you the land at only $3 per square foot,” he said to loud cheers.

While addressing SLP meeting, Felix asked them to support him as he makes another attempt at trying to secure the Castries Central seat, stating that despite his lost at the last election, he stayed with them.


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  1. Government "will" do this and do that? Government "to" do this and do that?

    So these past years the jokers were doing nothing? They are promising that the ":will" and are "to" do this and that, now?

    Sure! Sure! They will be promising to do a lot more before election day. Are Saint Lucians living their lives like idiots?


  2. Boy oh Boy Christmas come early
    cant we see what is happening we getting every thing
    the dennery school was falling apart it took little time to hear a contract to build a new school was signed

    calls was made for the reopening of the forensic lab days after we got a release from the pm press secretary explaining the situation with the lab and it will be opened by month end well it is month end no signs
    then we heard the wheel chair guys complaining about wheel chair access all of a sudden we hearing that wheel chain access will be built in the city
    now is affordable lands in the city
    its to good to be true
    where was all of these projects the last four years
    remember the one hundred million immediately now we have all kinds of explanation for immediately
    wonder if i am fooled


  3. Why now Felix.? Elections are coming and you guys are coming up with all kind of gimmicks like people are stupid. You guys have been in office for four years and all of a sudden you come up with that idea.


  4. Do you really take us for fools? We are taking back our country form you all unclean hands SLP got to go,you all shady politicians as election is coming up you all will give us the world. I will build new houses, more land for farmers, more big ships in the harbor,more hotels Laborie will be the capital of St.Lucia and the bull [email protected]#$ continues. Well you all are in for a rude awaking we the people are just tired of you all shenanigan,we will speak to you in the language you all understand TI-CRIOX.


  5. I think it is unfair for some to buy land at as low as a dollar and a half a square foot, whilst others struggled to get theirs at market prices ( $8 +). Some get theirs even free. The price of land should be standard across the board. The less fortunate should be given more time (even a life time} to repay.


    • So true. If I got a dollar for every empty promise a politician made I would be a millionaire. For me the worse part is that you've been in the position to do something about it for about 4 years and you only want to do something significant in the area as you're on your way out.....


  6. In my opinion you are a loser, a sweet talker. A failed politician. As Minister why wait now to propose affordable housing and why do so on a political platform. Are you trading your office for votes? You are clearly a disappointment that's why no one takes you seriously not even in this forum. This election year all we get is more fast fixes and false promises. Truth is this started with Kenny and it is commonplace now with all candidates. We must be smart people. We must refuse to be taken for a ride or rides. We have the power we need to use it wisely.


  7. For 4 years you were just there sitting on your hands. Now all of a sudden you want to sell land for $3 a square foot. What happen, you couldn't do that in the past four years? More elections gimmicks to come.


    • Reminds me of Pip. I've been begging (yes begging) for about six years for a drain to be repaired in my area because of frequent flooding but nothing ever happened. A week (7 days literally) before election days he shows up with a backhoe to fix up the said drain. The work required more work than just a tractor but steal, cement, workers etc. But guess what, a member of the UWP saw the problem about two months before the elections and brought a team there to do the work. So now, one week before elections he tries to show that he's hard at work. How convenient! Though Pip won his seat the member of the opposition still ensured they completed the work on the drain.
      You be the judge of character...


  8. Boy will never understand these polytricktians always these times they have all the answers to all our problems look this one only now way to offer affordable housing before was the prime minister with his priority on health care wow we must be so damm dumb please we have brains and see through your schemes


  9. Election gimmicks..... Election is round the corner and all of a sudden we're about to get heaven and earth by those losers..... Remember jobs, jobs, jobs and hundred million dollars in 2011, were still waiting.
    This time we wouldn't be drunk by red cool aid.... s lip must go.


  10. Cut the Bull; this is your second time around and you have been at it for
    quite a long time, and now at the eave of Elections, you are coming up with
    this red Herring, who you think you're fooling. Castries indeed needs housing
    but you all have lost our trust in you. When are you all opening the brand new hospital the Chinese built? and the new St. Jude's in V/Fort? That's no joke guys.
    You all are taking people for granted, but Election day is coming, and that's no joke.


  11. It has taken DKA 15 short years to offer jsut a PROMISE to improve housing in Castries. What other hopeful vote-getting election promise is there to clean up the hell hole that is the COLONIAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION's housing project? Yearrrrsssssssssss! The CDC! Do your addled SLP brains have anything useful for reversing the fortunes of Castries Ghettos?


  12. You know the day after a heavy down pour of rain is best time to catch crabs because the holes they live in are waterlogged and they pop up above ground in the numbers. Its like that during election time when all kinda enticing proposals coming out. You guys are void of innovative ideas to move our country forward economically, socially & intellectually. Pissing in my eye & calling it rain...smh


  13. Isn't castries dangerous enough as it is. Shouldn't you scatter those characters to the wind instead of letting they and their kin reproduce in the same locations they have made so dangerous. I'm truly hoping this is the typical empty SLP promise. One I fully support.


  14. Stanley Felix is the worst thing that happen to housing in St. Lucia, the CDC'sis in a mess.......imagine you working with government, you have salary deduction and when u call it takes forever, certain people apartments that fixing.


  15. Smh! Promises after promises. Weren't this government in power for the last 4 years? Only now? Smh! I smell a rat


  16. The sameway peoplw from Comway was moved into a match box that couldnt hold all their personal items and more so the houses cracking up Monchy? Awa Stanley we in Central Smatter than that. We know Peterson. He was born and raised in the CDC. He have always been with us.


  17. omg. On the eve of the elections u making these promises? What's even worst the people made large cheers. smh. Like Rick says, spit in your eyes and call it rain. SLP, Any intelligent person will see right through you guys. And to think I supported you guys. Why did u not do this in 2011 or 2012 or 2013 or 2014 or even 2015. You wait till election time to say such on a political platform.
    Bravo Stanley


    • Exactly this sort of news should be disseminated through proper channels GIS, Local Media not really on a Political platform.

      It comes across as an initiative only aimed at SLP supporters of that constituency.
      This (if real) is an exemplary project I have to admit.

      However has the Government done any deals with Financial Institutions with regards providing mortgages for those wishing to purchase a plot of land.

      With unemployment being that high has the Government done any research into ascertaining how avoidable this programme would be for the MAJORITY of constituents.

      What I am trying to say is, regardless of the Government offering land at £3 per sq (or even £1psf) if the constituents don’t have the savings they won’t be able to take advantage. If the constituents are unemployed their won’t be in a position to apply for a mortgage.

      I reiterate this is a fantastic and damn good policy, if and only if it has been thoroughly thought through. And I don’t believe it has been, can the same be rolled out for all Constituencies?


    • I won't go as far a commenting on Class.

      Am in total agreement such a propspal should national news not platform news.

      It's a GREAT policy if it's not a GIIMICK.

      And I believe it is.


    • Isn't it also from a podium that he launched attacks at the former Attorney General? A man of consistency. Shaking My Head. People just have no shame if they fall for that.
      Let people judge you on what you did while you are still in the position rather than banking on future promises.
      Better/Bitter Days?


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