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Gov’t to institute US$20-million health system strengthening project

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PM Chastanent said each component will benefit from the loan (credit) of US$20-million from the International Development Association

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Government of Saint Lucia is embarking on a Health System Strengthening Project to improve the accessibility, efficiency and responsiveness of key health services.

The project has four components and Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, and External Affairs Honourable Allen Chastanet, explained to the House of Assembly that each component will benefit from the loan (credit) of US$20,000,000 from the International Development Association (IDA).

Component 1 directly relates to the roll out of National Health Insurance and focuses on the demand-side of health services by supporting the Government in developing and implement a coverage scheme that would allow the population to receive access to services outlined in the essential benefits package.

“The delivery of an essential benefits package will require improvements in institutional readiness, ensuring that facilities are adequately equipped to deliver the proposed package of services. In addition, a focus on results instead of inputs will be necessary to ensure efficiency gains, thereby enabling an expansion of the essential benefits package over time. As such, the supply-side of services will need to be strengthened.”

The cost of this phase is US$5.5M stated the Prime Minister adding that the Government sees the Design and Implementation of an Essential Benefits Package, as essential to the national dialogue on the roll-out of a national health insurance.

It will specifically help the Government define what services would be provided under the package, guide decisions on the population to be covered and the financing the package.

Component 2 will encompass US$13M of the Project and will focus on the supply-side of service delivery meaning that through Performance Based Financing, incentives will be provided to ensure a focus on results.

“In addition, primary care and ancillary facilities (such as laboratory services) would be assessed and equipped to ensure they are able to deliver the services promised through the essential benefits package,” said the Prime Minister.

Component 3 at a cost of US1.5M would provide support to overall project management and monitoring and evaluation to gauge project progress, while Component 4 will provide financing for efforts directed at preventing an outbreak from becoming a deadly and costly pandemic. This component will only be triggered in the case of a public health emergency.

The Government anticipates that the entire population will benefit from the project given the public goods nature of improved public health emergency preparedness and response.

The investments made under the Project are meant to complement each other and to result in an overall strengthening of the health system.

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  1. A very unsophisticated population is viscerally opposed to borrowing. If the population has been brainwashed into believing that forms of barter as superior. But lo and behold, how many people in Saint Lucia are deeply knowledgeable about finance other than taking loans and avoiding the commercial bank with a soo-soo or the Christmas and funeral clubs. The uses are somewhat self-explanatory.

    Do you recall when people used to go round forming a line and in circles around buildings get the Christmas "bonus" payout? This is pre-1970s financial history as would be the creative "Penny Bank".

    A lot of people today still do not understand how governments of the day are contractually bound to pay for loans taken by their predecessor governments for things or benefits that no one can ever identify. Yet, once the financial commitment has been made, the documents signed and the money has been spent, future generations have to pay.

    Now we see, that irrespective of how well or how badly the SLP spent our money, today we still have to get another $20 million in borrowed money to fix the health sector that they are blaming this government for. Now pay close attention.

    Is the SLP not the same darn party that gave away $48 million to Roachamel and then $150 million another time to Grynberg? Can anybody today point out what the people or the government got for the money? Anybody?

    Yet, today, we have to borrow another $20 million to pay for a health system they, the SLP claim has gone from, in reality, from bad to worse. The numerically-challenged SLP fails to comprehend that they were in power just about 24 months ago? Clearly, they had the political power, but not the brains to fix things. So we instead, get from these empty vessels, noise.

  2. I thought you guys were suppose to limit all the borrowing but it's seems it has increased three-fold. While you lower the tax revenue by 50 million with the vat reduction which only benefit businesses

  3. For years we have put the SLP on the spot for reckless borrowing but this government takes the cake. If the SLP borrowed $150 million every year this Chas led government is borrowing well in excess of $500 million each year.
    If they only have 3% growth every year with this level of borrowing then they are failing miserably.
    They now will be spending another $50 million to try to 'buy the civil servants for Christmas.
    On top of that each ministry is below grade from health to foreign affairs.
    There are no new investments so the millions Chas and Sarah are spending on travel is producing nothing.
    These are like children let loose in a sweets shop.
    They are an immoral deceiving bunch who are nothing like what they promised.

    • Are you dumb? How can expenditure on health care be reckless. The same SLP that left this administration with a broken down system regarding the hospitals, all of them, is saying that the system has become worse.

      Jackass, this is not car manufacturing plant. The entire system does not fix itself automatically, you fool. It takes money to fix things that are broken. Where is the money going to come from peabrain? More taxes? Then choke off the economy and the green shoots of growth that we have now, jackass?

      You are so dumb. You do not understand a fart about economics.


  5. Component one should be to finish rebuilding St. Jude’s hospital. These guys focus is on tourism. Putin’s whatever resources they have in this arena at the expenses of health care. Health care does not bring in money so they refuse to recognize it as a problem that needs immediate attention. They don’t give a darm about peoples health care needs. To them giving hotels concessions to give us back little in return is better than providing what should be a right to people. Is there timing on this new propose initiative? Another one of those promises out of the many presented by this group so far without a timeline . Be assured that the publics patients are not infinite.


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