Gov’t to establish National Diabetes Coordinating Centre

Gov’t to establish National Diabetes Coordinating Centre
Health Minister Alvina Reynolds
Health Minister Alvina Reynolds
Health Minister Alvina Reynolds

The Ministry of Health on Monday announced plans to establish a National Diabetes Coordinating Centre in Saint Lucia within the next 12 months.

The ministry will be assisted by W Science a Switzerland-based private company founded by St. Lucia’s representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Dr. Walid Juffali.

This project is the first stage of a wider initiative which is aimed at creating a Diabetes Research Centre on the island, something that Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony had announced months ago.

Addressing the media at a press conference on Monday was Health and Human Services Minister, Alvina Reynolds, who said a team from W Science is currently here to discuss the implementation of this project.

Reynolds said in addition to setting up the centre, a nationwide diabetes screening programme will be implemented, along with an educational awareness-raising campaign.

A world-class training programme to create a St. Lucian team of specialist diabetes nurses and a national registry of people with diabetes will also be implemented through this project.

“We are grateful to W Science, who will coordinate and finance these initial initiatives on a purely philanthropic basis. Today’s announcement follows more than a year of in-depth feasibility studies to identify an impactful  response response to the diabetes situation in Saint Lucia,” Reynolds said.

The minister explained that the research team was led by Professor Phillippe Halban, a global authority on diabetes research with more than 40 years of experience in the field.

“Today’s announcement marks a real step change in how this country approaches diabetes education, prevention, management and research. Establishing sustainable medical infrastructure will enable St. Lucia not only to address the management of the disease here, but also to position our country to ultimately become a hub for diabetes care and research, attracting investment and harnessing expertise in this field from across the Caribbean region.”

In 2014, there were over 10,200 people with diabetes in St. Lucia. Diabetes is an endemic public health issue and one of the leading causes of early death here.


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  1. Politicians believe that ordinary people cannot see through their political charades.


  2. Alvina please go and sleep and let St. Lucian be the judge of your alleged deception. This one is really an attempt to score cheap political points.

    We expected greater honesty from you not this all time low attempt to fool the people a few weeks before the next elections.

    Nationally you are a failure and the ministry of health under you tenure is a national eye sore.

    Already you cannot upkeep Victoria and St. Jude's will you be able take care of a diabetic centre.

    Not even the people of Babonneau you can fool this time. Take a hike!


  3. The proof is in the pudding. Why in all of that is only the voice of politician. Where is the input and comments from the Chief medical officer and the medical and dental association and also the local Diabetes association.

    We should note we never heard a single word from the medical association on the Diabetes Research Centre. Were they shut out or do they consider that a waste of time


  4. I have been defending the Juffali affair in hope that he was going to give something to St. Lucia and now I reading this nonsense.

    So they coming here to conduct a survey only? Because all these other things have been done for years. Even worse it's not even Juffali paying for it.

    That's like promising me a tiger and delivering a cat and telling me it will grow.


  5. I am getting tired of this shit from these politicians. Now National Diabetes Coordinating Centre. For the past 4 years your government stopped subsidising rice, sugar and flour because the Prime Minister said that they are the cause of the diabetes. Why didn't he invest that subsidy into assisting those, mostly poor, people with medication. Though I do not agree that the subsidy on the staple foods had anything to do with the high rate of diabetes in St Lucia, I think that since the subsidy was removed, that money should also be used in encouraging St Lucian to exercise more.
    What about the Jufalli Research Lab? Are you using Diabetes now as a political ploy?


  6. Lol..Another election year initiative which will be thrust on the back burner as soon as silly season is over.


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