Gov’t to decide on future of Radio Saint Lucia

By SNO Staff


A decision on the future of the state owned Saint Lucia Broadcasting Corporation (Radio St. Lucia) will be made soon by government, Information and Broadcasting Minister Dominic Feedee has revealed.

Fedee told the media on Friday (Jan.20) that Cabinet is awaiting a report from the board of directors, before it decides on the next move for the cash-strapped broadcasting company.

“We have to be open about everything, especially when one looks at the fiscal circumstances that we have actually inherited,”Fedee said.

The company has an outstanding debt of over $1 million.

Closing the radio station is one of the options to be considered, but the minister said his government will also take into account, long-standing employees of the company, when making a decision.

“RSL, it would appear with preliminary evaluation, is perhaps a bit overstaffed,” he explained.

Employees there were not paid during the Christmas holidays and only received their December salaries this month.

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  1. If that radio station closes, the only person I would miss is LaForce. Give me LaForce from Saturday to Friday, twenty four seven and BBC at nights.

  2. This station should be shut down once and for all , it has outlived it's time. We now have over twenty radio stations on the island doing the very same thing that this radio station does ( playing music and giving the news three times a day ). This station is a burden on the back of taxpayers. Let us improve on NTN by putting a putting in a little more funding.
    These people at RSL don't give a dam weither that station makes money or not, their salaries are taken care of. These people are just having fun and most of them should not be heard on radio period, especially the ones at nights.

  3. Dear Minky:
    "Too many Labour hacks" --- how do you know that? Do you work AT/FOR RSL?
    "employees were idle causing political trouble" --- that is slander. Be careful.
    "Shut it down" --- that is putting people out of a job. In this high unemployment landscape, that would not be fair.
    "get a more well managed state own[ed] station" --- St Lucia already has NTN (television) and Government notebook, and they seem to be well managed.
    "to inform and not a political machinery of one party or the other" --- the government (regardless of party) already has its "political machinery" in place. It is constitutional

    So you see Minky, before you go mouthing off --- know your facts!

  4. RSL is in trouble financially wow, that a first. Who is managing the government run station, don't they have sponsors? Maybe they revamped their programs with more informative educational quality facts and truth and stop copying international ways of doing business. We are an independent nation we must stand on our own two feet. Gees I grew up listening to this station, news nation wide sports, community announcement dance ads oh that would be a great lost. Wow

  5. It's not everyone at the station is a party hack, despite of color. It's just too much politics within despite what government is in office. Fedee your hands tie. Close it down for what, allow Garfield, Joanne and Lucy do what they supposed to do. Give them space and RSL will come back alive like the glory days. That's the only radio station for the more mature people of this country, closing it will be calling back Moses with his rod and deliver one more commandment. No.11 Thou shall keep politics out in the daily running of the station and thou shall report fairly.

  6. Well said!

  7. Too many Labour hacks. Further more most of these employees were idle causing political trouble.
    Shut it down and let's get a more well managed state own station whose aim is to inform and not a political machinery of one party or the other

    • So, what about the RSL board? What are they filled with? I can bet you it is not SLP hacks but the opposite. By the way, get your head out of the sand!

    • Man grow up. You supporting firing people based on their views and not even concerned about their wellbeing and commitments.
      Why are you trying to be a politician? Do they know you fighting/supporting their causes? If you think that the station has politically biased persons hence the action you calling for, why not ask for Newity Cork and Bowlegs resignation or the closure of their places of work.
      I think you are just the same as all the individuals you want to see loose their daily bread.


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