Gov’t should have heeded our advice – UWP on Juffali affair

Gov’t should have heeded our advice – UWP on Juffali affair
UWP Chairman Guy Mayers
UWP Chairman Guy Mayers
UWP Chairman Guy Mayers

As things continue to heat up in the Juffali affair, the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has accused the Kenny Anthony administration of failing to listen to their advice.

UWP Chairman Guy Mayers has said that the party’s position has been vindicated by the statement coming out of the Office of the Prime Minister on Tuesday, December 29.

“Had they heeded the advice of this party and our political leader, and instead of shooting the messenger, maybe a request by the UK gov’t would not have been necessary,” Mayers stated.

The party chairman said as predicated, St. Lucia has no choice now, but to respond to the UK government and will have no choice but to lift Dr. Walid Ahmed Juffali’s diplomatic immunity.

This, according to him, is consistent with what the UWP has been calling for over the past few months.

“We cannot continue as a nation, allow a government to bring the name and reputation of our country through the mud,” Mayers added.

The government has confirmed receiving a request from Mr. Julian Evans of the Protocol Directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to grant a waiver of the diplomatic immunity of Dr. Juffali.

Dr. Juffali is Saint Lucia’s permanent representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in the United Kingdom, something that was kept a secret until the British press exposed it.

The Saudi billionaire is to answer a claim for additional financial relief in the High Court in London from his ex-wife, whom he had divorced in Saudi Arabia.

The government stated that it would not respond to requests from private lawyers to lift the immunity of Dr. Juffali as such requests can only come from the receiving state where the diplomat is based.

The government, however, acknowledged that matters of this nature are governed by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961 of which Saint Lucia and the United Kingdom are signatories.

The administration plans to follow the “well established diplomatic channels”, to address this matter while protecting its integrity as a sovereign state.


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  1. Because 99% of the local population can be accused of refusing to self-educate themselves. and as they leave knowledge and information to the half-educated, ill-educated and the persistently misinformed titled buffoons in local politics, they are constantly browbeaten by our hordes of politician nitwits.

    Our politicians care only to react after events have taken place in the world. Because most have had little acquaintance with real mathematics, they cannot conceptualize or do any kind of abstract thinking. The voters let them. Most are not educated enough to be proactive. Little wonder most of the credentialed and non-credentialed alike, think that having one single degree or several degrees in one area, is the be all and end all of learning. You know everything after that, and you are now the sharpest tool in the tool shed. Our hapless population and electorate are victims of this pervasive arrogant, crass and unalloyed stupidity of the parties' faithfuls.


  2. What a disaster! I guess if a non-governmental entity comes to the government and complains about serious transgressions or egregious conduct it would be dismissed since it was not from an official government organization? Shouldn't it be the duty of Saint Lucia's government to evaluate the credibility of the charges and take relevant or necessary action? Now the same blasted charges come from the Brits and they are forced to take action....what a farce.

    Bullshit excuses up the wazoo day in and day out and party hacks manufacturing all kinds of reasoning and distractions. Smoke and mirrors with irrelevant arguments designed to confuse the simple minded buffoons who drink the SLP KoolAid.

    The integrity of our diplomatic process has been seriously tainted. If Juffali was only needed to attend ONE meeting at the IMO in one and a half years why the hell do we need him? Promises, promises, and pie in the sky. Dem fellas must really have no regard for the intelligence of Saint Lucians.

    Halla Juffali was shouted from the rooftops for taking on the role as Honorary Consul in Saudi Arabia "at no cost to the government" yet her daddy's big time position in London again "at no cost to the government of Saint Lucia" was a state secret!

    According to Juke Bois, "C'est caca calbas qui uh tete nous?"


  3. Anonymous December 30, 2015 at 2:21 PM:

    No need to wonder. Just take a scan of the comments in this thread and check the thumbs up and thumbs down section and you will find your answer. All I ask is that your be objective and true to yourself.


  4. I don't believe the UK's government would have agreed to demand the revocation of Dr Juffali's diplomatic immunity if we were able to show how he made meaningful contributions as Saint Lucia’s permanent representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

    The people looked at his track record over the months and called "foul". They must have said to themselves that he enjoys the benefits that comes with being a diplomat but does nothing as a diplomat to further Saint Lucia on the international front.

    Final statement: He must have done something for someone somewhere--maybe in high places or in secret--in order for him to be a Saint Lucian diplomat. Right? But it's just too bad no one can tell us what it is...


  5. Talking about options Kenny is caught between a rock and a hard place. I guess no more Diabetes Research Center.


    • But Juffali loves St. Lucia soooo much. He is the greatest thing for St. Lucia since sliced bread. I doubt waiving his diplomatic immunity will stop him building the diabetes centre in his beloved adopted country. He can even build it next to our beautiful forensics lab.


      • This billionaire loves St.Lucia so much, his love would have been too much to let the people know of his appointment. We would have been overflowing with love we could not handle. Maybe we would have been told of his love on Valentine's day 2016.


  6. Malcolm L'Overture you ate full of crap. Is Kenny paying you to say that crap. You keep repeating the same crap over and over. Trust me noone is reading the crap that you keep copying and pasting. Why don't you take Juffali to Haiti if you like him so much and you want to defend his appointment.


  7. This is why I guess GAYLE never said a word ST.LUCIA FLOWER.... Check this out..... READ UP PEOPLE !!!!!

    The only thing the British government can do is to expelled the ambassador...

    It does not take much time to read on these maters. But these UWP people just are not aware of the protocols so they playing on people fears,


  8. In between the Juffali issue we hear about this murder and that breakdown of a government department and another rape.
    As we go about our business we see young women and men indecently dressed and acting in a crass manner from Gros Islet to Vieux Fort.
    Our quality of life has been hammered and our leaders are only about stealing and padding their once empty big pockets. This has happened under the SLP and UWP since 1997 except for a couple examples.
    Oue culture is debased and we no longer have any class. Even the children of our so called elite socio economic class have the same bad manners and values of the American ghettos and no spiritual center.

    This Juffali issue is just one big roro that masks how debased we are as a people and we will not tackle the real problems that keep us back economically and socially.
    We have useless politicians, academics and media that sprout the same culturally degrading politically correct crap that keeps us down as a people.


  9. I want you all to tell me what aid do we now get from them UK. this is to me personal and then UK cannot force us to ?


  10. “Had they heeded the advice of this party and our political leader, and instead of shooting the messenger, maybe a request by the UK gov’t would not have been necessary,”. The words of the UWP's party chairman. The question I would like to ask is this: Did the Flambeau listen to the labour opposition back in the 70's and 80's? Sir John Compton and his chosen few did not give a rat's nest about the people of this lovely island paradise. This was a leader who after the 1979 elections referred to civil servants as "Those Things". His exact words were if my memory serves me right: "After elections, I will deal with those things." He was, of course, referring to the civil servants who were on strike as a result of the austerity measures he put in place and his refusal to offer them back pay.

    The labour opposition back then offered advice to the government but hard-headed Sir John would have none of it. He refused to back down or to seek the counsel of the sapient Sir Allan Louisy, the opposition leader who like Sir John was also a lawyer. Things went from bad to worse as a result of the Flambeau government's reluctance to address the issue at hand namely the civil service strike. Mayhem and discord ensued and the police were called to deal with the situation. They unleashed the dreaded and brutal SSU onto the streets. These feral men in combat uniforms were beating up the citizens of St Lucia without mercy. They were given the licence and freedom to brutalise anyone who dared to stand up to them and question their savagery. I remember these ugly incidents as I was visiting St Lucia back then with my family. The police took no prisoners and gave the mainly peaceful protesters a bloody nose.

    This is not the first time that St Lucian passports have been used by non-nationals who seek the benefits that come with our travel document. Have we forgotten about the Dr Batch Affair? Tell me mr party chairman: What became of the Dr Batch affair back in the early 80's? St Lucian passports were allegdely being sold to foreigners who had no allegiance to St. Lucia.

    The people were promised an investigation into this but nothing became of it. It was Mikey Pilgrim, who was then interim Prime minister and who broke the news to the nation. This was back in 1982, and the passports were issued to these non-nationals before the labour party assumed office in 1979.

    These were British Colonial passports as St Lucia was still a UK colony. The authorities contemplated calling upon the services of Scotland yard to investigate this further but that fell through and we have not heard anything about the Dr Batch affair ever since.

    There is an old saying if you live in a glass house then you should not throw stones.The opposition party under the watch of their esurient capitalist leader seems to have forgotten about their sins of yesteryear. They are suffering from temporary amnesia and don't seem to remember any of their past indiscretions and injudiciousness.These are the people who will do but when others do they are the first ones to criticise and ready to throw the kitchen sink come what may.

    During the reign of the UWP, all sorts of venal men and mercenaries visited our lovely island. They did all types of deals with all manner of people from all over the place. The St Lucian populace were kept in the dark. No one knew what was happening or transpiring in the country.Most people kept their mouths shut for fear of being labelled "a grass" and anti- government. Sir John allegdely ruled with a vengeance and without remorse. The people lived in fear and were afraid to speak out. Many people left the country in droves. If you cherished your freedom you either kept quiet or you left the country. It was as simple as that.

    I would appreciate if the powers that be were to revisit the "Dr Batch affair" - This is one of our unsolved crimes which need to be looked into, We need to know who Dr Batch was. Was he a UWP operative? The Flambeaus won the 1982 election after peddling fear and untruths to the electorate. They made them believe that Labour wasn't working and that they were closeted communists who were willing to accost Cuba's Fidel Castro and that the political system in place in Cuba was evil.

    George Odlum was getting ever closer to Maurice Bishop's New Jewel Movement and in the eyes of the UWP hierarchy, George and the labour boys needed to be marginalised. Labour was split just before the 1982 elections. George Odlum formed his own party namely the Progressive Labour party while the main labour party continued under the leadership of Peter Josie.

    Allan Louisy the labour leader and prime minister having resigned previously. Sir John was elected back into power and immediately sought retribution. A lot of civil servants were allegdely victimised especially those who did not support him or voted for his party. He ruled with an iron fist and was vengeful. The police were allegdely given free reign to do as they please. Unemployment was high and St Lucia had to borrow from the frugal IMF.

    The Juffali affair will soon blow over. The British press is only interested in sensationalising this for their own selfish reason. They want to sell papers and will do anything to achieve this even if it means sullying and besmirching the reputation of our splendid isle. They do not care.

    Have they spoken to anyone in St Lucia about this? According to what I read in the Mail and Telegraph it does not look like they have. There are no quotes emanating from anyone in St Lucia. No one on record has spoken to any of these rapacious tabloids- Yes the Telegraph has become a tabloid with their sleaze.

    The British are jealous of St Lucia's relationship with Juffali. That is all there is to it. They are fearful that he will take the loot out of London. If Juffali wasn't based in the UK and was just an ordinary Saudi citizen who lived only in Saudi Arabia, then this would not be happening.

    This civil matter would have been pursued in Saudi Arabia and if this "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" ex-wife did not get any redress then she could have tried the courts in St Lucia, as Juffali would have been considered St Lucian as he would be in possession of a diplomatic passport.

    The establishment in the UK cannot fathom the thought of a wealthy Arab wanting to do business with a developing Caribbean island they once sucked dry. In their little-twisted minds, we should not have a slice of the cake. The cake should only be for their consumption. This is a country which ruled St Lucia for over three hundred years and did nothing for our sweet isle - yet they have the temerity to tell us who we can do business with. They do business with all the vile and venal people on this planet yet they are trying to lecture us on morality when they themselves are immoral. The hypocrisy of the British never ceases to amaze me. They are the biggest hypocrites on this planet.

    It is about time the government of St Lucia tear up that scurrilous drivel which was sent to the High Commission in London and send back the pieces to the British FCO instructing them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. We have the sunshine and will continue to possess plenty. They should stick it where the sun doesn't shine. St Lucia is NOT a colony of Britain and the UK cannot tell it's people what to do. We are quite capable of governing ourselves by ourselves thank you very much.

    The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph. Bring it on Britain, Bring It On the government and people of St Lucia are not scared of you. Remember the story of David and Goliath. You do not frighten us one bit. The most formidable weapon against errors of any kind is reason.

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Berlin Germanya


    • the issue should be solved in a diplomatic way, also we have to keep in mind we depending sole on tourism and can not loose any market.
      yes, we are a independent nation but we have to play the ball with economic interest in mind.


    • Malcolm the story of David and Goliath might just be a bible story which carry not facts but faith....we are living in the real world and I do agree that the British cannot sanction us for selecting an ambassador unless he is faced with some criminal charges, but we are no match for the brits and sometimes you just have to suck in your pride and do what it takes to maintain a good reputation. Knowing that we depend so heavily on tourism we cannot take these chances. I will not suffer for any politician egoism.


  11. They do not know the meaning of the word INTEGRITY! They have none themselves. Now alone they want to protect the "INTEGRITY of our sovereign state" which they sold out for peanuts? Please save your nice words for your dumb hacks!


  12. Guy Myers making pronouncements on international matters.
    What is even worst the Leader of the Opposition was seated at the table with him, she is a student and a professor of International rule and conventions.

    Yet she allow him to play on with this matter that he has no expertise in this field of work.

    I do understand Guy position in trying to score political point for his party which he has a wright to do but when one check back an look and see Ms.Gayle is to the right hand side at the press conference and does not take the lead roll to answer and explain how the international laws,rules and conventions work it tell me lot about this party.

    To advice Mr.Myers since Ms.Gayle didn't I guess, International protocol, laws,rules and conventions are determined by precedences.

    Therefore if you can find any case where an ambassador credentials has been revocate due to a civil matter on the international stage them I rest my case.

    This is the reason Ms.Gayle stay away from the topic. She knows better because she is a student and Professor of International Law.

    So when all you quick typist on this thread call for Kenny head follow Ms.Gayle just be silent.


  13. How much money was passed over, a person like him wants something in return, any thing he gives is cheaper than a divorce suit




  15. St. Lucia now have 4 industries. Tourism, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Passport bobol.

    Only two years that man spend as High Commissioner and something already smelling. CIP aint start yet and already big confusion. Then what more go happen come 1st January when it really start. Interestingly if KDA has to lift Jufalli's immunity, as sure he must, surely that makes it automatic that Hilaire must be terminated from the chairmanship of CIP. Is that not a logical consequence? Or will our ability to think and draw logical conclusions be further disrespected.

    Now is this whole pappyshow an indication of what Hilaire entry into politics will be like? The new wonder boy clean bowled by England, first ball on the first day of play and at Lord's to boot. SLP 0 for 1 wicket. I know whilst PIP must be in the pavilion smiling they have labour supporters who definitely celebrating. KDA was also not listening to them when they say Par joeur messieur. But sometimes things happen with good reason and this whole rancid soup might just be the saving opportunity for St. Lucians to reflect and understand and see the way forward.


    • Could not have said it better. But you forgot the debacle at the West Indies Cricket Board when mate had to run. Mate do so much tings messieur.


  16. KENNY listens to NO one except his protege EH! After all the man has a PHD! The other members of team SLP are just left to stand on the sidelines and watch this fiasco unfold. How can a man be so damn arrogant to feel that he owes St. Lucians no explanation for this embarrassment? H will be the downfall of the SLP and already is the downfall of KDA.


  17. Boy we stick in that, if The UK drops support to St Lucia we'll be like a naked duck in the water during hunting season.

    They WARN you all well St Lucian's, they tell you all not to vote for mate, but NOOooooooo ....


  18. Boy we stick in that, if The UK drops support to St Lucia we'll be like a naked duck in the water during hunting season. They WARN you all well St Lucian's, they tell you all not to vote for mate, but NOOooooooo ....


  19. You'll can jump high and you'll can jump low, they will not listen to the Lucians who have been demanding clarification on this whole matter far less the opposition.
    They continue to view UWP as dysfunctional so any suggestion or advice will not regarded. Hell it did not even matter if UWP had their house in order, this SLP government would do as they please.
    Kenny does not listen.
    Again I say, if this was really much ado about nothing, why couldn't the government just come out and put St.Lucians minds at rest. What is so difficult about this. When they always celebrating a pot hole fixed.
    They have remained basically silent on the issue. Why?
    If I was the SLP government seeking another term in office with elections just round the corner , and knowing that this thing is like a thorn in my side where even some SLP supporters have questions, you think I would not do all in my power to remedy this situation?
    Instead what do we get, SILENCE. hmmmmmmmm. This leaves me to wonder whether something is just not right,


  20. Big problem for some SLP leaders and Kenny.
    I feel sorry for the Lucian people who have hard times to feed themselves and survive.


  21. Why don't st.Lucians remove that book reading no common sense jackass call Kenny Anthony out of St. Lucia' s for front. That man is useless. That man is not a thinker he call cram and rehearse books nothing natural. He is educated but not intelligent. He more or less a jackass walking backwards. Put st.Lucia first thank you.


    • Wonder how this man beat the UWP last election. Is either the UWP worse or lucians are foolish. Pick your poison.


      • Any light-skinned person in Saint Lucia is generally accepted to be a better person. It is just like in Animal Farm in George Orwell's novel. There we saw that four legs are good, but two legs are better.
        In Saint Lucia, persons with darker pigmentation are good. Lighter skinned persons are better and smarter.
        Some Vieux Fortians even believe that Kenny is white and was heaven sent. If this is so, then God is punishing us for the ignorant ones amongst us. We are paying for their sinful idolatry.
        It so sad to see that the rains fall on the godly and on the ungodly in equal measure. So, who is up first in line this year to meet St. Peter? Is it a grown-up jackass Saint Lucian, or a younger jackass Saint Lucian? Choiseul looks like a sure bet for or first loser of the year.


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