Gov’t says Saudi billionaire “eminently suited” to perform diplomatic duties on behalf of Saint Lucia

Gov’t says Saudi billionaire “eminently suited” to perform diplomatic duties on behalf of Saint Lucia
Walid Juffali (R) at his Venetian wedding to Loujain Adada (L) in November 2012 .
Walid Juffali (R) at his Venetian wedding to Loujain Adada (L) in November 2012 .
Walid Juffali (R) at his Venetian wedding to Loujain Adada (L) in November 2012 .

PRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia has noted the concerns of individuals in response to the story carried in the Daily Telegraph, a United Kingdom based newspaper, on November 9, 2015, in relation to Saint Lucia’s Representative to the International Maritime Organisation, Dr. Walid Juffali.

Dr. Juffali was appointed in April 2014 as Saint Lucia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organisation, based in London. Dr. Juffali ‎is a highly successful philanthropist and businessman. His record is public and well-known. ‎He has received a number of prestigious awards, including:

Knight of the Order of Dannebrog – bestowed by Her Majesty Queen Margarethe II of Denmark;

Knight of the Cedars – bestowed by the President of Lebanon; and

Knight of Saint Sylvester – bestowed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XV.

Dr. Juffali and his family have a long tradition of serving other countries in diplomatic postings. Dr. Juffali is also the Honorary Counsel of Denmark in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His brother serves as the Honorary Counsel of Switzerland in Jeddah. His daughter serves as the Saint Lucia Honorary Counsel in Saudi Arabia.

The appointment of Dr. Juffali is consistent with the efforts of the Government to appoint trade and investment envoys to assist in the promotion of Saint Lucia and to attract investment.

The current issue centres around a divorce case involving Dr. Juffali and his former wife. The parties were formally divorced in Saudi Arabia but the former wife decided to launch civil proceedings against her former husband in the United Kingdom seeking additional relief. The lawyers for the former wife of Dr. Juffali have requested the Government of Saint Lucia to lift the diplomatic immunity of Dr. Juffali to compel Dr. Juffali to testify in the civil suit. The Government of Saint Lucia has expressed the view to the lawyers of the former wife that this is a civil matter in which it does not desire to get involved. In the view of the Government, this is a private matter and to waive Dr. Juffali’s immunity for the purposes of resolving property disputes arising out of divorce proceedings will create a precedent that could compromise current and future diplomatic personnel in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

To date, Dr. Juffali has conducted his duties to the highest expectations of the Government of Saint Lucia. In addition to advancing the goals of Saint Lucia in the IMO and sourcing investment for Saint Lucia, Dr. Juffali has initiated his first major project for Saint Lucia – the establishment of a medical research industry. This project was announced in the Throne Speech of 2015 and the legislative framework for establishing such an industry is currently being reviewed by the Attorney General’s Chambers in preparation for enactment. Dr. Juffali’s‎ contacts and influence will be major factors in ensuring success of this initiative.

Dr. Juffali’s‎ second project has been to investigate the establishment of a Global Diabetes Research Centre in Saint Lucia in response to the chronic levels of diabetes in the country. A detailed multidisciplinary investigation has been conducted by some of the world’s leading researchers in diabetes, science and medical business to design a model for the Centre. Numerous meetings were held with clinicians, nurses, and other medical personnel during the months of August and September. A final report will be issued in December with necessary announcements on the way forward to be made in January 2016.

The Government of Saint Lucia assures the public that all necessary due diligence was done prior to the appointment of Dr. Juffali and is satisfied that he is eminently suited to perform his diplomatic duties on behalf of the Government and people of Saint Lucia.


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  1. Its all about the dollar. Getting fedup of all the negative foreign airtime. If not one is another. Its all about the dollar, the dollar, the dollar. Lucians stand up and demand which ever government in power to account for the nations finances and identity. Very upset.


  2. never though I would ever quote or agree with Guy Joseph , but, on this one I have to say that these pappyshow ambassadors should TAKE THE LINE, we have too many locals to enjoy these positions.


  3. I don't have a major problem with a foreign diplomat representing St.Lucia. However my gripe is in respect to one's qualifications for the post. The man is a neuro-surgeon! What does that have to do with maritime policies and laws? Anyway, let's not forget the Saudis' involvement in the HIA project - is this a favor to them for their part in this project?


    • foreigners dont get to be diplomats for other countries. You ever hear of a non American diplomat? you ever hear of a non British diplomat? i never hear that . so your view needs some serious fact checking before you shake your head. pure effing absurdity is what we have on our hands.


      • "Nope" You my friend are completely oblivious of foreign policy or procedure I think you should take your own advise and fact check. This is ridiculous lol do you know that experts represent countries that are different from their nationality lol simple example take at look at the UN not every diplomat representing a Permanent Mission is from that country. It's happening all over the world maybe you should read a little more. Ignorance with such confidence is dangerous, so have a seat!!!


  4. He'll hath no fury like a woman scorn. If it wasn't for his ex wife we would have never found out about this character.

    God know who else getting Lucian citizenship for "diplomatic work".

    Do your research peeps:



    • I truly believe we are never in the loop hole when it comes to benefitting this Little Island, who knows what is going on we don't know about, these politicians drown the public with party scandals and lies from each other and the deep political spending is in these stories we have to dig and dig to know something about the peoples money and where its going and why we have to suffer when a diplomatic gets 1,000,000,000 and year right? and ministers getting 15,000.00 a month and some more over and replying its not necessary to cut their salaries to help the economy. Yes we who study hard make the millions but what about those who has family and can't understand a thing in the jobs they were offered with our government offices??? but get a salary of 20,000.000 a month plus the benefits wow, I respect the inner smarts to gain from your people and crush us with bills and increases on every corner of the market and repeating the poor and the people who needs help???? what??? come again and again and Saint. Lucians listen again and wonder again.


  5. this government really doing shate.............. Where they getting these characters from they forced SUGAR RAY on us now they giving us another ole mas couple bondier when


  6. I always monitor likes on SLNO. especially with political posts. I monitored likes when I came through earlier. I recognise the group effort and new strategy by labour hacks on this post. Never have I seen the opinion of the audience going through comments change so quickly and by such big numbers. All the dislikes in the world will not change the votes at the next elections. You people are twisted and sad.


    • Are we to believe that there arent UWP hacks doing the same thing? Don't pretend that you're not a hack by calling others hack. Only a true hack would go counting likes on here.


  7. If the Telegraph did not print the story we Saint Lucians would never know about this diplomat. Kenny can only fool his dumb ass hacks on SLAP! If this was genuine and on the up and up, Kenny would have announced this when it happened. The Williams guy who is listed a counsellor work with Juffali and have diplomatic status to why not mention that in the press release. What has he contributed to Saint Lucia. We have so many hard working, qualified persons working in the diaspora and who are not given a chance because they are not friends with Kenny boy Ernest Hilaire. Do St. Lucians know of that appointment or even know who Tafowa William is? Will there be another press release on that one. Why not mention that Hilaire is the one who pull the wool over Kenny eye on this one because what he says goes. Who got paid? And who will be next high commissioner? Tanto Tanto: mwe cah bwe de Tay mwe


    • Tafawa Willaims is a well trained and experienced Saint Lucian diplomat. He worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years before he went on to do post graduate studies in Japan and China. His last posting was with the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.


  8. Once again the government of this country is pulling the wool over our eyes. There was still no indication or explanation in this release as to why and how this individual is so well suited for this position.

    What are his qualifications reference maritime or marine industry?
    Does he have a degree in maritime law?

    For those of us who do not know what diplomatic status is, its basically a get out of jail free card...One with diplomatic immunity can do anything he or she wants and can't face the penalties of the law.

    One may ask why would a billionaire want to represent a small country like St.Lucia...The answer is obvious when we learn and understand what diplomatic status is.
    What else would someone with everything want.
    Earth is a small place and being a billionaire doesn't ensure that u never face justice for the consequences of you actions, but being a diplomat assures you that you will not face the law unless your diplomatic status is revoked.

    The most important thing any St. Lucian must ask in this situation is WHO GOT PAID?


  9. When did you plan to tell us of the appointment??? Is this the right way to show respect for the people of St Lucia?? Is this also how the citizenship by investment will be runned? T way Chu Kenny la man!


    • Mad man you see how quick the SLP hacks move to dislike your comment? Yeah if it was another party they would be all over it. But these shameless people can't prevent the truth from coming up. The SLP is does operate in the shadows and do thing being close doors. If they crooks we will never get to know.


  10. But they didnt explain why he is suited and what the work he has carried out so far in his capacity is. minutes of meeting and reports on the functions of international organisations are always readily available. show us where how he has been actively working on ur behalf. if you cannot show us that show us how much mney he paid and where de money gone. did it go into the treasury or a fruitful project or in someone's pocket? Is this the press release that is meant to clarify this issue for saint lucians? I am not convinced.FAIL!


  11. The government press machinery gone into OVERDRIVE! EMINENTLY SUITED ! MY BIG BEHIND!
    ZOT TOUTE VOLEUR! Who you think you all fooling! no-one just SLP party hacks! the press have gone after st lucia and put it out.


  12. I must check my gazette for the notification of his appointment. Such an "eminent" appointment to public office must have been gazetted. April 2014.

    On a serious note though how can a government of St. Lucia even think of appointing NON St. Lucians as St. Lucian Ambassadors. If we really need an ambassador and we can't seem to find a suitably qualified St Lucian then appoint the best St Lucian we can identify and hire a couple of special consultants or more to assist him/her.

    Why do we have to give St. Lucian Diplomat status to non-citizens
    of St.Lucia? That is ridiculous.

    By the way how many St. Lucians are diplomats of another country like Dr Juffali?


  13. That band of crooks! eminently suited my behind. How dare these fools continue to insult our intelligence like this? what particular reason does this Saudi billionaire have to conduct any affairs on the behalf of this country? What is the motivation? I assure you all that the pockets of the Laborites did not go unlaced in this matter.


  14. Judging by the comments made on SNO yesterday, it is quite obvious that some persons are not too knowledgeable about this whole affair as it relates to appointments of foreign diplomats. Also the government responded based on the concerns raised by the public.
    With the citizenship by investment initiative set to begin in January 2016, maybe the government in all their wisdom can start having an aggressive approach to sensitize the public on this whole affair as people are genuinely concerned. If one has to peruse the comments on SNO in relation to any matter on the subject, one would notice that persons were concerned about the sale of land, transparency etc.
    SLU government please do the necessary and educate the people properly, PLEASE.


  15. Corruption undercover, all kind of disguises. If the Telegraph had not reported this we would have not be told my our government? Where there is smoke there is fire.


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