Gov’t says it has not neglected or discriminated against Bexon residents

Gov’t says it has not neglected or discriminated against Bexon residents
Flooding in Bexon caused by trough system
Flooding in Bexon caused by trough system in December 2013

The government has countered suggestions that it has neglected and discriminated against the people of Bexon, as the community seeks to recover from the Christmas Eve trough.

A press release from the Office of the Prime Minister, apparently in response to comments from parliamentary representative for Castries South East Guy Joseph, has labelled the accusations as false, malicious and reckless.

The government said it has taken “strong objection” to such statements and assured that measures were taken to improve conditions for Bexon residents shortly after the trough. The release also pointed out that heavy equipment were on hand to remove debris in the area within hours of the passage of the weather system.

The entire government press release has been printed below:

The attention of the Government of Saint Lucia has been drawn to certain statements made by the Parliamentary Representative for Castries South-East, towards the end of the past week. Guy Joseph alleged that the people of Bexon are being neglected, suffer discrimination and supplies are not getting to those affected. He claimed too that the clearance of the Marc River and drains are being neglected.

The Government of Saint Lucia takes strong objection to those statements and denounces them as false, reckless and malicious.

Within hours of the trough, tractors were helping to clear areas affected by the heavy rains, in Marc and Bexon. Tractors and equipment cannot be hidden.

Of the mattresses received, a first amount of forty four new mattresses out of an initial of fifty were distributed to the people of Marc and Bexon through the local Disaster Committee. NEMO ensured that food supplies and water were distributed without fail to the people of the Constituency.

On New Year’s Eve, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony visited areas affected by floods in Marc, saw first-hand the plight of several households, and spoke to residents about their experiences. Interestingly, many who were SLP supporters complained that they were discriminated against when supplies of food, water and beds were available.

It is common place to target the people of Vieux Fort on occasions like this, because the constituency is represented by the prime minister.

The people of Vieux Fort have been stoic and resilient and suffered their plight in relative silence. It is a blatant lie to claim that four containers of water came to Vieux Fort and cannot be accounted for. Guy Joseph is invited to submit to NEMO and the Police formal evidence of the disappearance of water supplies in Vieux Fort.

The Government of Saint Lucia will not tolerate the theft of relief supplies whether by parliamentarians or otherwise.


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  1. I think all relief transaction should be done by a neutral organization. Government should stay out of it and start working on infrastructure. Some of those monies received should go into relocating residents especially from Bexon area


  2. While we can appreciate the efforts of our government we cannot simply settle for mediocre service. We have every right to challenge their decisions because we willingly put them in office. It's time we put 'love for party' aside, and debunk or unpack policies/decisions on how resources are distributed. In the absence of equity, only the strong ones will survive. Also, I still believe that we must all pray for those elected so that they can make decisions that will positively impact our population at large.


  3. the government has to first be honest with the people, tell them that they had and have an active role playing in the current situation, and that this will only get worse. they should also remove all who live along the bank, as a river which is so long can't be reduced to being a canal without there being some serious repercussions. there are areas where some civil engineering works can be done, but in the majority of the places all activities( living, commerce) has to seize and the riverbank rehabilitated, this will take many years, but if you have built in the river, then you have to move, there should be nothing between the river and the road other than trees.... when the governments step up and speak honestly to the people, then we will start solving this issue, if not, we see more and more flooding whenever we have more than the normal levels of rainfall.
    Bexon is not the only place that this needs to happen. for the farmers who cry when they lose their crops, they are the main people to be blamed, after decades of deforesting the banks, trying to maximise their returns, they have predisposed those areas to being eroded and flooded... their argument is, its their land so they can plant anywhere, but when you eliminate the trees you make yourself less resilient, so fast moving water will wash your land away.. now this is affecting both the agri and fisheries sectors as as all of this silt which reaches our seas, is kill the coral and burying the kelp beds which are important habitat for a wide variety of species... our leaders should be shouting this at every chance they get, instead of doing so they are looking of piecemeal approaches lol we are so doomed in this region its not funny


  4. monies coming in please help bexon..give bexon and their people help..come on what rubbish is this...kenny circulate the money..
    build better schools and bridges...roads..
    we have enough engine near and engine far right now in st.lucia to do the work..


    • partner kenny has to use the money to relocate many people instead of wasting millions every 2 or so years putting band aids on a septic soar which needs a much deeper operation


  5. It's just to damn early for all this politics of back and fourth. Just take care the damn people in the same way you all would take care of the people in places where you all represent. Tired of that nonsense. I don't even know why foreign people and governments bother to give any aid.


  6. It is very true! The government appears to be neglecting Bexon and ALL other areas that are represented in parliament by the United Workers Party. Only the blind and senseless people think otherwise.


    • Just a the same token that Guy Joseph could complain that persons with equipment in Bexon are being "sidelined" in the restoration efforts, couldn't these same persons with equipment have contributed to their community by volunteering to clean up the place BEFORE disaster struck???....oh no but it would be better to get dee monee instead. Why be helpful if I can get's what they all want (on both sides)


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