Gov’t to replace outdated telephone system

Gov’t to replace outdated telephone system
Minister Fletcher
Minister Fletcher
Minister Fletcher

PRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia is to realize savings of up to EC$4 million in recurrent expenditure in the area of telecommunications services.

This is as a result of the introduction of the state of the art Unified Communication System-UCS, which will facilitate improved reach-ability of government officials and departments.

The official award and contract signing for the USC took place on Thursday July 30, 2015, between the government of St. Lucia and telecommunications company Digicel.

The system, according to Minister for the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting, Senator the Honourable Dr. James Fletcher, will see the Government of Saint Lucia entering into the era of technology in a way that is much bigger than the mere placement of laptops and other devices on the desks of employees.

“We are seeing a system that is allowing the government to communicate with the outside world much more efficiently. Equally importantly we are seeing a system that allows public officers to communicate with each other more collaboratively using a variety of platforms,” Dr. Fletcher added.

Signing of behalf of Digicel was its Regional Chief Executive Officer, Holly Hughes Mc Namara, who expressed the company’s delight to have been selected, through a public process, to assist the government of St. Lucia in its drive towards technological and workforce efficiency, adding that, “This solution encompasses not only connectivity but video and other teleconferencing facilities. We see true benefits for the government of Saint Lucia moving forward to serve us all in its drive to be more efficient in what they do.”

The new government Unified Communication System will replace the present archaic government telephone system which has been in place for almost two decades. It will afford greater collaboration across ministries and departments improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The system is being purchased for US$1.6 million dollars.


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  1. Public opinion seem to suggest that public servants are inefficient, therefore it is safe to say that they do not deserve a raise on their salaries (0%). CSA !!


  2. The government of St. Lucia could become it's own telephone service provider and simply trunk with either LIME or Digicel. In fact why doesn't Dr. Fletcher push these companies to provide SIP trunking to allow real savings to the government AND St. Lucian residential and business clients.

    In this day and age there is no reason why the phones and PBX system of the government should be outsourced to any phone company. In this VoIP world all this could be handled internally by the government's IT department.

    What long term contract was signed with Digicel for this one?

    A+ for effort Jimmy, but Digicel still hoodwinked us. Unified Communication System sounds like Cisco to me, the most expensive phone system available. Did they also tell you that the Cisco equipment is proprietary and cannot be mixed and matched with any other company's equipment? Which means that we'll be stuck with Cisco and Digicel for a long time. Again, in this VoIP world that is a no-no!


  3. Dr. Fletcher is the only Government minister who makes any sense here. He at least appears to be trying. Hope he can deal with the inefficiency within the public service; that would involve firing a bunch of potential voters so it will never happen. Keep at it Minister Fletcher.


  4. the savings says nothing about the savings per year, it only say up to 4 mill EC in recurrent expenditures.
    Its up to everyone to guess (how many years) when the new system pays by it self.


    • I am all for moving smarter to save the country money. But spending millions on a telephone system I would like to think that a little more detail could be forthcoming. What we as citizens would really like to know is "HOW' not just that it will save millions, please explain to us how this will be achieved ...and in the simplest terms. Thank You


  5. So many millions spent on a vehicle tracking system and we see government vehicles every where at all hours. Digicel awarded that contract.

    So many millions will now be spent on phone system and government workers take their time to answer or dont answer. Digicel also awarded that contract.

    Thanks for trying to modernize our government service but improve productivity, work ethics, lazy managers and business processes before putting such a complex system on an inefficient public service.


  6. Will all Customer Service calls on LIME, the de facto monopoly, still be answered in El Salvador, the poorest country in Central America?
    The present government answering system is not "antiquated": it never worked.


  7. Fletcher what we need is for government to remove those enept and inefficient employees who are a burden on the tax payer and get a salary for doing nothing all day!


  8. Why are we so negative?
    At least, there will be 4 million more to be invested in education, health, etc.
    This is a good thing.

    For the nay-sayers, it also means that we have 4 million to fight the legal battles to get rid of the "inept" civil servants.


  9. Really, 4 million to upgrade government offices an we have nothing happening in this country. Dr Fletcher for now we want employment not ppl looking to communicate with each other. U all guys joking


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