Gov’t: Refrain from eating corned beef from Brazil until further notice

Gov’t: Refrain from eating corned beef from Brazil until further notice

cornbSTATEMENT – Following a series of media reports regarding the sale of unwholesome meats and meat products from Brazil, the Government of Saint Lucia on March 21, 2017 requested and received information from the Brazilian Embassy as follows:

1. The Government of Brazil has launched an investigation (named Operation Weak Flesh), relating to the sale of unwholesome meat and meat products produced in Brazil

2. The operations of three meat establishments have been suspended and another 21 such establishments were placed under a special inspection regime conducted by an assigned task force of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply in Brazil.

3. Out of 4,837 meat establishments subject to Brazilian federal inspections, 21 are allegedly involved in irregularities

4. The investigation included a review of the actions of personnel who were employed to conduct inspection of meat and meat products in Brazil

Although Saint Lucia is not an importer of fresh and frozen beef, neither poultry nor poultry products from Brazil, it is estimated that approximately 90 percent (90%) of corned beef imported into Saint Lucia originates from Brazil. It is further noted that since the commencement of the investigation, several countries, including territories of the European Union, China, Chile and Jamaica, have instituted measures to restrict their importation of meat and poultry products from Brazil.

In light of the above, a meeting was convened on Tuesday March 21, 2017 among Saint Lucia’s national agencies responsible for food safety, including the Veterinary and Livestock Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Consumer Affairs Division of the Department of Commerce, the St Lucia Bureau of Standards and the Environmental Health Division of the Ministry of Health and Wellness. Arising out of that meeting the following decisions and actions were taken:

1. A temporary suspension on the importation of corned beef from Brazil into Saint Lucia, to be imposed with immediate effect

2. Detention of all corned beef originating from Brazil until further notice

3. Increased surveillance of establishments that trade in corned beef or related products locally

4. Continued networking with regional and sub-regional partner agencies in developing a common position in response to this matter

The Ministry of Health and Wellness will continue to work with the Brazilian Authorities with a view to ensuring that this matter is resolved satisfactorily in the interest of health and public safety.

In the meantime the Ministry wishes to advise consumers to refrain from the consumption of corned beef from Brazil until further notice.


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  1. is there anyone out there that has been stupid enough to eat any prepared canned meat ra without cooking it? Franchement, garcon.

    Cook all meat to an extended boilor bake, nice and hot, then there is no problem.

    if they be selling it on clearance, i'll be in there buying it and not being a fool and eating it raw, but simply cooking t properly as all meats should.

    I'd be more worried about what goes into the boudin that we buy roadside on Saturday mornings. No meat inspection there, no idea of how much Round-Up contaminated vegetation the cow has consumed no one to tell if the cow has a cancer unless the farmer is Very experienced and has a sense of responsibility versus getting a dollar, like most of us. You like boudin, as I do, go ya brave.


  2. we done know what will happen, the supermarkets will hide their stocks in storage and will wait until the hoopla subsides and then re -introduce the tainted products on their shelves. systems should be put in place to show that all these products should have a clearly marked manufactured date so consumers can know that the products were imported after the ban was lifted.


    • if yall had just play fair none of that would happen . they were in fear of having a loss in profit so they sold the spoilt meat and bribe people to pass them just so they can get rid of the meat but it backfired and right now they are loosing much more than what they gained in selling the old meat and the bribe money


      • it also could happened in the past and it did not got public. Even Europe had similar incidents in the past.


    • has it been removed from the shelves like Barbados Trinidad and Jamaica? Or is it left up to the consumer to read the label to see where it came from? What if it is still on the shelf? Mr. PM?????


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