Gov’t preparing civil servants for pre-retirement

Gov’t preparing civil servants for pre-retirement
Participants at the pre-retirement workshop. * GIS photo
Participants at the pre-retirement workshop. * GIS photo

Thursday, November 08, 2012 – The Ministry of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting is preparing over 40 long-standing public servants for the next phase of their lives with the hosting of a two-day Pre-retirement Workshop from November 8-9, 2012.

This is the seventh edition of the workshop which is designed to equip public servants nearing the retirement age of 55 years with the necessary tools and information to properly manage retirement.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting, Philip Dalsou, says the aim is to ensure that public servants continue to enjoy life after retiring from work.

“There is a saying that life begins at retirement but sometimes transitioning from your very busy work life to what is sometimes considered the relaxed rhythm of the golden years is not easy for some of us. Some people have difficulty finding the same feeling of accomplishment they had when they worked in the fast lane, and they see retirement as a dead end, but this should not be. Retirement means retiring from your job not your life.”

Topics being addressed at the Pre-retirement Workshop include understanding retirement benefits, business planning, investments, life after retirement, insurance and good health.

The permanent secretary says he is confident that as a result of the workshop the public servants will make sound post-retirement decisions.

“Retirement involves significant changes to one’s life, for example, one’s income, use of time and relationships will undergo changes during this period, but the better one is prepared for those changes, the more successful the retirement is and the more pitfalls will be avoided. It is my view that preparing oneself emotionally for retirement is a big factor in ensuring that you will enjoy the retirement years. What it means is that it is important to do some deep thinking and introspection and examine the potential of the future and develop a plan for retirement.”

The two day Pre-retirement Workshop is being held under the theme “Retirement! You earned it! Now Enjoy!”.


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