Gov’t plans to build new judicial complex

Gov’t plans to build new judicial complex


In an effort to create a modern and efficient court system to support the delivery of justice to citizens, government has decided to construct a new judicial complex.

Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy has announced that the complex will serve as the headquarters of the OECS Supreme Court.

It will also house the Court of Appeal, the High Courts, Family Courts and Magistrates Courts, and provide accommodation for other agents of the Courts including, the Crown Prosecution Service.

Dame Pearlette Louisy revealed that it was agreed that the complex will be constructed on a “greenfield” site on the Millennium Highway where enough land is available to accommodate all its structures.

“My government is grateful to the landowner for facilitating the acquisition of the site for the court,” she said.

The head of state admitted that the recent closure of the major court building for repair and renovations also compounded the delays in handling judicial matters these past few months.

“For several weeks, the courts were disabled and displaced. Currently, our Courts are scattered and assigned accommodation in unusual locations throughout the city,” she added.

The Governor General used the opportunity to thank members of the judiciary for their patience and understanding as they all cope with what she described as a “very unusual situation.”


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  1. put up buildings that yourll will not use....the new hospital we still waiting when will citizens access this place built so many years ago?
    sing for yourll supper


  2. Kenny, elections will either be in June or November so what time will your Government be able to build a new Judicial Complex. Leave it for the UWP government to build because for sure you will be out come election day. According to Morgie you fooling we


  3. This complex ain't nothing new. From 2004 this has been in the pipeline. Antigua beat us on this one. My problem is public sector projects take to long in the pipeline.


  4. I wonder who this land belongs to??? I know someone of "substance" and "authority" that has plenty invested there...


  5. Well. In the last month government announced things we never heard this past four years.

    I can only smile. Of course it's an election year and kenny thinks we are fools. Well last time St. Lucians bought the 100 million in jobs bait.


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